Struggling to make consistent income as a solo copywriter, content creator, or freelance writer?

We’ve been there.

It’s hard to do it alone. We’re here to give you the tools to help your writing business succeed.

Writers Deserve to Thrive.

We believe it’s time for the writing industry to change. For too long, talented copywriters and content creators have endured a guns-for-hire, churn mentality. Freelance websites thrive on systems that reward the lowest bidder, and leave writers scrambling for scraps while facing critical levels of burnout.

Enough is enough.

We want to show you how to build a writing business that’s sustainable and profitable. A writing business that allows you to feel valued and appreciated by your clients, command prices that reflect your skills, and have plenty of time left over for refilling your creative well.

We’ve been where you are. We understand how hard it can feel to make “a real living” as a writer. We also know that it’s possible. We want to help you make it your reality, by sharing what worked for us over 10 years of trial-and-error.

It’s not about sales tactics. It’s not about sleazy marketing or one-size-fits-all strategies.

This guide is about showing you different ways to develop the relationships, boundaries, and processes that work for you.

When you grab our guide, we’ll also send you regular tips + strategies to help you:

  • Position yourself as a content creation expert, so people appreciate you as the savvy professional you are.
  • Charge sustainable rates that allow you to scale, grow, and live at a wage that reflects the value you bring to your clients.
  • Systematize your processes, so everything from content creation to client onboarding runs efficiently.
  • Reduce rounds of client revisions to take back your time and increase your capacity.
  • Put an end to the feast-or-famine cycle and stop stressing about if and when you’re getting paid.
  • Book jobs you love with clients who value your craft and honor your boundaries.

Meet Your Guides.

Hi there! We’re Jessi and Marie, the co-founders of North Star Messaging + Strategy.

Since 2010, we’ve been helping business owners wordsmith their way to success. We’ve learned how to dig deep into the values, personality, and goals of a brand, so content can always hit the right tone and achieve its strategic goals.

We are passionate about supporting our fellow writers, too. There’s a lot of ways to write yourself into poverty. We should know… our first year in business we made less than $1,000 total {ouch}.

But now, we have over a dozen people on our team, we’re consistently making multiple six figures, and we’ve worked with hundreds of diverse businesses that were on our dream client list.

We want to help YOU achieve success and sustainability, too. Because writers deserve success just as much as their clients do.

Jessi Honard

Jessi Honard

Marie Parks

Marie Parks