Brand Your Voice Podcast:

The Writer Series 

The best writers are constantly growing their craft.

Every standout brand has a standout voice, and every standout writer is an expert at capturing it.

The Brand Your Voice Podcast teaches you how to create powerful, personality-driven content your clients will love… and a writing business that sustains your goals. We dig into the most common content conundrums facing creators and share real solutions based on years of experience supporting hundreds of businesses.

Brand Your Voice: The Writer Series

The Brand Your Voice podcast is full of actionable takeaways to efficiently manage content, but we recommend these episodes in particular for the content creators out there.


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Meet Your Hosts

The co-founders of North Star Messaging + Strategy, Jessi Honard and Marie Parks, have been perfecting their writing frameworks since 2010.

As the creators of the official Brand Voice process, they’ve learned how to dig deep into the values, personality, and goals of a brand, so content you create always hits the right tone.

Join us as we dig into how you can harness the power of Brand Voice to grow your craft and stand out in the crowd of other writers and content creators.


Jess Honard

Marie Parks