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What’s holding you back from outsourcing content?

Are you…

  • Sick of spending money + time outsourcing content, but it never works the way you hope? 
  • Doubtful if a writer could duplicate your expertise? After all, you’re the expert!
  • Worried that outsourcing content means sacrificing authenticity, especially if you ARE your brand.
  • Afraid no one can share your stories + way of communicating? How the heck is anyone supposed to get into your head?
  • Ready to commit to content support, but know you need a strategy to make sure your team has the tools they need?

What would it look like to have a proven system for outsourcing your content with ease?

There IS one.


Introducing the Core Messaging Workshop 
presented by North Star Messaging + Strategy.

At the Core Messaging Workshop you’ll…

  • Empower yourself to step out of content creation in full trust {because your team is supported}
  • Receive feedback + consulting from experts around your Brand Voice and how to hand it off
  • Clarify your evolved message so it represents where your business is right now in an easy-to-understand way
  • Free your calendar from content creation to get back to what you do best and create a bigger impact

It was so helpful to get really clear on my brand story and see how I could incorporate it into my programming and content.

Ariel Frey

Business Coach

I am most excited that my new copy uniquely broadcasts my message to the world, without me having had to do the writing myself.

Samantha Alvarez

Sales Coach

Your ticket includes…

Guided Pre-work

Start empowering your team to take control of your content before the workshop even begins through guided resources designed to help you show up ready to delegate.

Three Workshop Seats

This isn’t about giving you more work. Bring two of your team members to the workshop so you can start outsourcing before you even leave.

Small-Group Learning

With a limited number of seats, you’ll have focused support from seasoned messaging strategists who have helped hundreds of businesses through this process.

Custom Post-Workshop Roadmap

Finish the day with everything you need to immediately hand off your messaging upgrade to your team, so they can get to work.

My audience loves my new, clarified message. Everyone says it’s like I’m reading their mind.

Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach

North Star are experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, and also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop + outsource their own authentic voice.

Fiona Lynn

Executive Coach


Who should attend the workshop?

It’s designed first and foremost for CEOs. When you register, you get 3 tickets for you + your team. It’s a great opportunity to bring your COO/OBM/Project Manager to keep everything moving + your Content Creator so they can immediately start upgrading your message.

What if I don't have a content creator on my team yet?

Are you a 6+ figure business owner who’s spending more time than you desire in content creation? You can benefit from this workshop, even if you haven’t hired a content creator to support you yet. You’ll learn how to empower them to capture your voice + message, so you have a great experience with them. Who knows, maybe this workshop will even give you the loving nudge you need to make that hire!

What if I can't make the date?

You’ll receive a full replay + all the additional tools, resources, and trainings. Even if you can’t make the date/time work for you, you can still benefit. All you need to do is commit to set aside the time when it works for your schedule + use the replay to guide you.

What do I walk away with?

You’ll finalize your Brand Voice Guide during the pre-work stage. During the workshop, you’ll hammer out your Core Messaging + create a custom roadmap to strategically upgrade your messaging.

What can I accomplish once the workshop is done?

First of all, you {or better, your team} can use your newly clarified Core Message to upgrade your content, such as…

  • Website Copy
  • Podcast description
  • Sales pages
  • Brand manifesto
  • Landing pages
  • Emails {campaigns + automations}
  • Funnel copy
  • Social media copy
  • And more

But it’s about more than copy + content. This workshop will root your team in the soul of your Core Message, so they can advoacate for your business the way you do.

Ready to outsource your content?

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