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Yep, it’s true. Another Facebook group is biting the dust, and it’s ours. We’ve been going back and forth on this decision for awhile now, and it’s become clear that this is the right move for us. As we transition to shut down the Thought Leaders Think Tank, it was important for us to explain exactly why we made this decision, what it has to do with messaging, and how to know if you should close your Facebook group, too.

First, one HUGE caveat: What is right for us and our business is NOT necessarily right for yours.

Facebook Groups are still wildly successful for many businesses, and there’s no sign of that changing. In fact, in April 2019 Facebook announced that they will be emphasizing the importance of groups over the news feed. This {presumably} is good news for group owners. It means more streamlined groups with better admin features, analytics, and opportunities for engagement.

So what’s up with the shutdown?

Reason #1: Audience always comes first

We talk a lot about how businesses evolve over time, and ours is no exception to the rule. Since our earliest days spent writing resumes and cover letters, we’ve grown and changed quite a bit, while still staying true to our roots.

Back in 2015, when our Facebook group started, it was our primary means of connecting with one facet of our audience: entrepreneurs who needed website copy. Often these were newer business owners who were putting out their very first website.

Our Facebook group was the perfect place to connect with these people, provide copywriting tips and tricks, and host challenges that gave them the tools to DIY their content. In fact, most of our clients for the better part of two years came from our Facebook group. 

But audience is always #1, and as our message has shifted, so has our audience. We realized over the years that we serve our clients best when we provide both messaging strategy and copywriting. This means we spend a lot of time with our clients up front. We dive into their voice, values, and vision, and then we help them outsource their content in a way that gives them back their time while maintaining their brand voice.

And most business owners aren’t ready for our level of support until they’ve been in it for a few years. They’ve already put together a website, run a launch or two, and had success as a business. They’re busy, their message is in a state of flux, and even though they have a team they’re still stuck in content creation.

They’re you.

Quite honestly, our Facebook group isn’t where this audience is spending most of their time (think about where you spend your own time). They’re too busy, too tired, and too overwhelmed by running their businesses. Instead, we meet our audience members at conferences, in group programs, and through referrals. They find us through this blog or our Instagram account. We chat via email and Voxer.

We talk a lot about building a bridge between your brand and your audience. Part of that process is choosing to show up in the right rooms. Our bridge needs to connect us to the people we’re targeting.

Reason #2: Social {media} energy is finite

There’s no doubt that social media platforms can be hugely beneficial to business owners. But they also take time and energy. We firmly believe in showing up for our community as much as possible — and we simply haven’t been able to maintain the level of presence we wanted to in our Facebook group.

As we allowed our own presence to slip, we saw engagement slip. The group itself became less of a community and more of a billboard. That’s not the environment we want to create, but it’s also not the space we have the energy to curate. Instead, we’re focusing our attention on the social media platforms that {for now} make the most sense for us — namely,  Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And our email list {join when you take the Copywriting Character Quiz}.

We’re introverted business owners and even social media energy is social energy, so when it comes to showing up we want to put our best foot forward. This means being intentional about where we spend our time.

Reason #3: The ROI wasn’t there

At the end of the day, we’re running a business and so are you. Your time, energy, and money is dedicated towards making a certain revenue, and that means that your decisions and actions need to have ROI.

A combination of Reasons #1 and #2 meant that our Facebook Group wasn’t serving our business. The ROI dipped and we had a choice: Revive the group with a new focus, or shift our focus. After some audience research and introspection we decided that shifting our focus made the most sense.


How to transition where you share your message

Alright, now that we’ve gone over the why we want to help you with the how. Odds are, at some point in your business, you may have to transition from one platform to another, or from one medium (like blogs) to another (like podcasts).

So how do you transition where your message is shared without losing everyone? 

1. Take it slow

We’ve been working on our own transition for a few months now. We started building up our presence elsewhere while slowly shifting away from our Facebook group. If you’re making a shift, we recommend doing the same. Test the waters elsewhere before diving in and committing! 

2. Remain transparent

Your audience is here to learn and grow with you. Often we feel the urge to hide the shifts in our messaging until everything is “perfect”, but that actually might do more harm than good. First, nothing is ever perfect. Second, your audience is more likely to follow you if you share your journey and your reasoning behind it. This blog post is an example of that!

3. Let your audience know how to remain connected with you

This is particularly true if you’re changing platforms! Your people may not be accustomed to following you in your new home. Just like with a real life physical move, you want to give your audience your new address. Make sure they know where to find you.

Have you ever shifted platforms?

If you’ve never shifted channels before, odds are you will at some point. The options are constantly changing and our own message is evolving. 

If you’re wondering where to find us moving forward, you’re in the right place! We’ll still be blogging regularly, and you can follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And you can join our mailing list when you take the Copywriting Character Quiz.

We’re getting ready to put out some new content to help you outsource YOUR content without sacrificing your personality, so stay tuned!

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