You’re strapped for time. Content creation is never-ending. And to make it worse, economists say a recession is looming.

Come on, economy. Recessions are sooooo 2008.


But seriously. How do you keep your head above water, prepare your biz for the future, grow sustainably, and stay sane?

Here’s where you are right now:

⭐ Your message feels muddy… which means you’re struggling to articulate your work + outsourcing your content feels impossible.

⭐You have no time, and your content game is barely hanging on. You know content will help you grow, but you can’t add another thing to your plate.

⭐You’re still creating ALL the content, from emails to blog posts to landing pages. Maybe you even LOVE it {content creation is your jam}, but it’s becoming a major time suck.

You’ve tried to outsource your content to a writer/VA/strategist/niece, buuuuut you review EVERYTHING before it’s published. And rewrite like 90% of it. 

⭐Outsourcing content feels like outsourcing the soul of your business. You want to do it, but it feels impossible to ask someone else to replicate your unique message + voice.

All of this is frustrating enough. What’s more, the recession buzz has you thinking about how you can strengthen your business so it can thrive and grow over the next few years. 

You want to do it all, but you’re really feeling the pinch.

What you’d really like is a strong message + a strategic content plan that allows you to stay in the CEO role.

You know you can’t do it all. You know content is a major driver of sales — and that all the planning, writing, editing, scheduling, publishing, monitoring… it all takes up massive amounts of time + energy that could be better spent.

You want to hand off your brilliant ideas and have them turned into compelling content that sells your products and services, attracts positive media, and opens doors for you… without watering down your personality, values, or vision.

That’s not much to ask… right?

You’ve found yourself dreaming about:

 ⭐ A clear message that resonates deeply with your audience + you.

⭐ Content that’s on-message, connects with your audience, and reflects your values + personality {without needing YOU to write it}.

⭐ A chance to step OUT of content creation, without worrying that your team can’t reflect your brand {while maintaining the ability to jump in when you feel inspired}.

⭐ Time to get back to what you do best {which probably isn’t sitting behind the computer obsessing about your next series of IG posts}.

⭐ The ability to build a bridge between you + your audience through content, so you can connect, sell, and continue to grow with confidence.

⭐ Authentic content that captures your heart and soul, while ALSO remaining strategic and goal-oriented.

⭐ A recession-proof, systematized content strategy that drives sales + supersizes your impact, no matter what the economy is doing.

The truth is it’s going to require you to think differently when it comes to your content. You’re going to have to think like a CEO.

{Think about it. Nintendo’s president doesn’t revise emails or write his own video scripts. Instead, he gets on stage and presents innovations in gaming. He lets his marketing team handle the rest. This is a solid model that your successful business can follow, too.}

Give yourself the clarity — and your team the tools — to outsource content with ease.

Ready to spend less energy on content creation and more time stepping into the CEO role of your business?

Great! You can take your business to the next level, speak on stages, spend time with your family, travel the world — whatever you want instead!

If you’re afraid it’s impossible, we’ve got good news.

 In his book Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself, author Mike Michalowicz says, “I can’t tell you how many times entrepreneurs say to me, ‘My business is too unique. It can’t be systematized.’ Sorry to break it to those people, but they’re not that special.”

 The same is true of your business content. Your message is special and unique, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be systematized, streamlined, and reproduced by your team. 

 And that’s exactly what we’ve created The Content Export to help you do.

 You can’t outsource what’s stuck in your head. The Content Export gets the words, stories, and messaging out of your brain and into a place where your team can EASILY access them to create content you’ll be proud of.

Through The Content Export, you’ll develop a plan to outsource your content while still sounding like your authentic self.

All your content dreams are possible with a system. Even something as seemingly abstract as your voice + personality can be outsourced… with the right plan in place.

The Content Export takes you through our tried-and-true framework for outsourcing content:

Unlock Your Company Profile

To get content off your plate, your team needs to understand the core components of your brand. You’ll reconnect with what makes your business stand out, including the mission that drives you, the impact you envision, the people you serve, and the specific stories that connect with your audience {and how allll that shows up in your content}.


Identify Your Business’ Core

You’ll delve into the core values that drive every decision within your business, and learn how  your team can use those values as a litmus test for whether content is aligned with your company. You’ll even learn how to illustrate those values through stories, case studies, and other resonant content.

Document Your Unique Voice

Every business has a different personality, and your unique brand voice sets you apart. In fact, the voice + personality of a brand is often one of the main reasons your audience chooses to invest in you. Learn how to document your brand’s unique voice, so you can share it with ANYONE who is tasked with representing your brand.

Systematize Content Creation

Create a process for handing off your content to your existing or future team in an effective, meaningful way that gives them autonomy and saves you buckets of time {and stress/worry}. You’ll have what you need to make sure your team understands your goals, develops content that helps you reach your goals, and reflects your voice.

You’ll receive expert guidance around how to do this through a combination of a virtual program and an optional in-person workshop.

You’ll be supported by content outsourcing pros, Jessi + Marie of North Star Messaging + Strategy.

Speaking of recessions, it was 2010 when we started North Star Messaging + Strategy. The economy was sluggish. People were exhausted and in debt. Competition for jobs was fierce, and layoffs were widespread.

Back then, we refreshed resumes + wrote cover letters for our clients. Not only did we want them to land back on their feet financially  our goal was to make their unique qualities shine so they could secure a job they’d love.

Our company has changed a lot in the last 9 years, but here’s what hasn’t changed.

We help our clients:

  • See what’s unique and outstanding about themselves, so they can incorporate it into their message.
  • Capture their authentic voice, so it can be replicated in content.
  • Communicate their unique qualities in a way that resonates deeply with their audience {aka, we help them make money + increase their impact}.
  • Simplify time-consuming writing processes and dedicate their energy to what they enjoy most.

In fact, we’re our own success story. We used to drag our feet on creating email + social content, because we were spending our creative energy on our clients. Now — using our own process — we’ve trained our marketing manager to create all our content and our team to create the bulk of our clients’ copy. 

These days, we don’t even review most of our content before it goes out. We trust our team’s content. As a result, we’ve had the time and energy to create programs like this, travel a bunch, and even write a novel!

Jessi and Marie are fabulous at breaking down the big picture of marketing and messaging into small bite-sized pieces that are easy to take in, learn from and implement.

Amy Ambrozich

Parenting Coach

What’s included in The Content Export:

9 Weeks of Support

for you + your team {if you have one}, so you can be guided every step of the way.

7 Efficient, In-Depth Modules

that show you how to document and outsource your brand’s unique message, so it’s clear, concise, and content-ready.

Hands-On Worksheets + Challenges

designed to help you make progress right away {no waiting until the end of the program to make strides!}.

9 Accountability / Q&A Calls

where you can get support and questions answered live, so you’re never stuck.

A Private, Closed Community

to get personalized feedback throughout the program, learn from other CEOs, and network.

Direct Interaction with the North Star Team

so you can make sure you have everything you need and see a fully implemented content plan in action.

VIP Only: Live, In-Person Workshop

to get personalized feedback throughout the program, learn from other CEOs, and network.

Peace of Mind

knowing your content is in great hands with your team, and you can spend your time doing what you do best.

The Content Export is a 9-week virtual program, brought to you by North Star Messaging + Strategy and designed for the business owner who wants a solid content marketing plan aligned with their compelling message, strategic goals, and unique voice.

Week 1: Welcome + Introduction

Get oriented and meet your fellow business owners as you dive into your goals for the program.

Week 2: Vision, Mission + Audience

Re-ground yourself in your evolved mission + vision. Plus, you’ll deepen your understanding of what your audience wants, how they feel, and how to communicate with them.

Week 3: Pillar Content

What is your business known and sought out for? Is your current content laser-focused on those pillars? You’ll refine your strategy so your content stays on target and resonates more powerfully.

Week 4: Stories

Want to connect with your audience on a deeper level than ever? Stories are the answer. We’ll guide you through identifying your key stories, knowing when to use them, and outsourcing them while staying authentic.

Week 5: Implementation

You’ve gained tons of renewed clarity around your message, so your content packs a punch. Take a week to catch up on lessons and implement.

Week 6: Brand Values

What values does your business stand for? Are you really reflecting those across the board in the way your business communicates and acts? We ask some tough, revealing questions so you can align your messaging.

Week 7: Brand Voice

If you want to outsource your content in a way that honors your voice, you need to brand that voice, just like you’d brand your colors, logo, or fonts. We’ll explore the words and phrases you use—and don’t—along with your unique personality, style, and tone.

Week 8: Implement + Outsource

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: outsourcing your content! Now that you’ve articulated your core message, stories, communication strategies, and brand voice, you’re ready to hand it off with confidence. We’ll show you exactly how.

Week 9: Q&A + Wrap-Up

Any lingering questions? Now’s your chance—for you + your team. We’ll give you guidance on implementation, plus we’ll help you navigate any outsourcing roadblocks. You’re in good hands!

Live, In-Person Workshop {VIP Only}

If you want immediate support, questions to your lingering content challenges, help with capturing your voice, or networking opportunities with other The Content Export business owners, select the VIP option at check-out so you can join us for this 2-day live, in-person workshopping event. We’ll take the information you’ve worked through these past 9 weeks to a whole new level, giving you personalized support and feedback and working with you face to face to ensure that your messaging {+ your content strategy} is clear, targeted, authentic, and on point. PLUS, we’ll be there to answer any additional questions you may have. 

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have everything you need to hand your content off and remain focused on your role as CEO. You’ll be amazed at how much time + energy you can recover, and by how much your business grows.

Working with Jessi and Marie is a joy. Complete experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, but also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop their own authentic ‘voice’ across all platforms. If you’re thinking of working with them, don’t hold back, just do it.

Fiona Mackenzie

Leadership Coach

This program is for a VERY specific type of CEO.

First things first — this is NOT for the business owner who’s looking for a quick fix without putting in any work. We’re here to help you dive DEEP into your messaging, get clarity like never before + develop a SYSTEM for outsourcing content.

The eventual goal is to free you from as much content creation as you like, but you’ll have to put in some work on the front end before that’s possible. 

We won’t tell you to hand a to-do list to your VA and dust off your hands. Instead, we’ll guide you through making sure every person on your team has what they need to fully represent the voice and message of your company. The energy you put in up front will save you TONS of time in the long run. {Imagine never having to edit again!}


We’re guessing that ☝️ “easy way out” mentality doesn’t describe you anyway. Our clients are usually the hardest-working people you’ll meet.

Here’s what is probably true about you:

⭐ Your business is successful {you’re making regular sales and have been around for years}, and you know you could grow even more if your content plan was more focused.

⭐ You care about your clients/customers, are an impact-driven business, or are fundamentally making the world a better place.

⭐ You place a high value on authenticity. If your content feels off, you feel like you’re not in integrity with yourself or your audience.

⭐ Outsourcing your content has not been a good experience in the past. Your writer didn’t quite get you, your vision, or your voice. You spent a lot of time rewriting what they did.

⭐ The fear of a bad outsourcing experience might have kept you from hiring content support at all.

⭐ You have a team or are getting ready to bring in support around content creation.

⭐ There’s so much nuance to your work + you’ve evolved so much, you’re not sure you can confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” anymore. And if you can’t, your team certainly can’t, either.

To reiterate, you don’t need to have a team in place, but you’ll get the most out of this experience if you plan to eventually outsource your content {or already are} to a copywriter, social media manager, VA, etc.

Jessi + Marie helped me get really clear on my brand story and see how I could incorporate it into my programming and content.

Ariel Frey

Business Coach

Got Questions? We have answers.

If I join, does my team get access too?

Yes! You + anyone on your team will get access to the program, including all lessons and handouts, the community group, and accountability calls. We’ll point out any lessons that are specifically for business owners or team members, to save you time. Best of all, you get lifetime access to the materials, so you can always refer back to them {or even use them in your new team member training process!}.

If you join at the VIP level,  you + one team member {likely a content creator} will be able to join us for an in-person workshop to hammer out all the fine details.

What if I like creating content?

That’s great! There’s always room at the table for inspired content creation, and we’ll talk about this in the program. We aren’t going to ban you from content altogether. We’ll give you the resources you need so you’re no longer dependent on those moments of inspiration. Your business content can keep trucking along, even when you’re out of commission {or on vacation ⛱️}.

What are the program + in-person workshop dates?

We kick off on October 7 and wrap up on December 6. New lessons will be available weekly, with a few implementation weeks in there to help you get caught up if you fall behind. If you join at the VIP level, you + one other team member {preferably your content strategist/creator} will snag tickets to join us at our in-person workshop. The date + location is TBD, but it’ll be sometime between January and March, 2020. {Transportation + lodging not included.}

When are the accountability / Q&A calls?

The calls will be weekly. The day and time will be determined once we know who’s in the program, so we can accommodate schedules. All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, you can submit your questions in advance and then watch the replay.

Will this really recession-proof my biz?

We don’t have a crystal ball, 🔮 so we can’t tell you that a recession is headed this way for sure. And we can’t tell you what’s in store for your business’ finances.

We can tell you that, even in the BEST economy, a clear message stands head and shoulders over a messy message. When your audience is hesitant to spend their dollars, don’t you want to be prepared with as compelling content and messaging as possible?

I’m an OBM / VA / Copywriter / Strategist. Is this program a good fit for me?

Yes! If you’re responsible for helping maintain the content of another business outside of your own, our strategies will work for you. They’ll give you a strategic way to immerse yourself in the voice + vision of your clients, so you can stay on top of their goals and make sure their content is on point.

You missed my question.

Email contact @ northstarmessaging dot com and we’ll make sure you have all the info you need to make the best decision for you + your biz.

Join The Content Export to get super-clear on your message, empower your team + free up your valuable time.

The value of this program is over $10,000, and that’s just talking about the services and knowledge we’re offering. When you think about the power of a strong message and content strategy to drive sales, media interest, and business growth, the program is invaluable.

Next year, the cost to participate in The Content Export will increase, so now’s the time to jump on board. Right now, you can join for $1,997 {or 3 payments of $667}.

Sign up at the VIP level for 2 tickets to our live workshop in early 2020. 

At the VIP level you’ll get all of the program materials, virtual Q&A sessions, and team support PLUS 2 tickets to our live workshopping event. Join the VIP tier for $2,997 {or 3 payments of $999}.

Early bird gets the bonus session.

Sign up by Friday, September 27 to get a BONUS 30-minute problem-solving session with us {a $497 value}. Book this session any time in 2019 to dig into your content outsourcing challenges.

Or select a payment plan below. 👇

Join the Content Export (3 payments of $667)

Join the Content Export VIP (3 payments of $999)

What are you waiting for?

Say goodbye to content overload + fuzzy messaging, once and for all.