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Discover your writing business’ #1 greatest challenge
it might not be what you think it is
so you can choose your next best move for stability and success.

July 11-13, 2022 • Free for Copywriters + Content Creators

You’re making money as a writer, but it doesn’t feel stable.

No matter what you do, you’re constantly facing:

  • Feast or famine cycles that always leave you scrambling for your next client.
  • Creative burnout, leading you to question your once-passion.
  • Insufficient profits that make you feel like you’re hanging on by your fingertips.
  • Little time for yourself as you try to juggle it all, shoving yourself to the end of your priority list.
  • Demanding clients who overstep boundaries, have endless emergencies, and keep asking for discounts and deals.

Despite living the dream of having a writing business, the thought has crossed your mind more than once: “Is it worth it?”

You deserve a lucrative, stable writing business that fills you up.

During the free, 3-day STABLE Writing Business Challenge, you will:

  • Diagnose your #1 current biggest challenge as a writing business owner. 
  • Learn the STABLE Framework for building a sustainable writing business. 
  • Identify your next best step to support your business in becoming stable.

And, as a bonus, challenge participants who complete all three days can access a free group consult call with two 6-figure writing business owners.

This challenge is hosted by Jessi Honard and Marie Parks, co-founders of The Copywriter Collaborative Podcast and North Star Messaging + Strategy, a multiple 6-figure copywriting agency founded in 2010.

Here’s what the challenge looks like:

On Day 1 (July 11, 2022), you’ll dig into why having a stable, sustainable, successful writing business is so important for you.

If you complete the assignment, you’ll earn 1 point.

On Day 2 (July 12, 2022), you’ll determine your #1 most important challenge in your writing business, so you stay focused.

If you complete the assignment, you’ll earn 1 point.

On Day 3 (July 13, 2022), you’ll determine your best next step to address your top current challenge, so you make progress.

If you complete the assignment, you’ll earn 1 point.

If you earn points, you’ll be invited to attend a BONUS 1-hour coaching and AMA (ask me anything) session with Jessi and Marie on July 15th at 2pm Eastern.

Ask questions and get support on your business.

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“I found STABLE to be an extremely valuable program and think writing business owners at every stage could benefit from what it has to offer.

“The program’s flexible structure allows participants to focus on their particular needs and receive support in the areas that would help them most.

“Jessi and Marie are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. They really take time to understand your experience, point out your strengths, and provide guidance where you need it. I’m so grateful for the experience and highly recommend STABLE to any writing business owners, no matter where they are in the process!”

-Megan DeCleene, Writer

Join the STABLE Writing Business Challenge.