You’re the Rebel!

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You’re ready to change the world with your story.

You’re ready to change the world with your story. Your message is fierce, just like you, and every day you inspire your audience to take action and be true to themselves.

This shows up through straightforward content that doesn’t compromise your values. You’re exactly who you say you are, and your audience can take it or leave it. 

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Knowing your Copywriting Character is the first step.

How are you putting it into practice?

Build a customized word bank for your biz.

Make your writing faster, easier, and {best of all} outsource-able. This guidebook will give you the foundational pieces for taking your Copywriting Character even deeper.


Learn the 3-step process for capturing voice, so you can enjoy consistency across your content.


Follow a tested and proven system, designed to help you capture the exact words and phrases your business uses {and doesn’t}.


Reclaim time and energy spent writing and rewriting content.


Identify how your content connects with your audience, including how it makes them feel, act, and relate to your brand.

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