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Do you wonder what content really resonates with your brand’s audience?

About North Star Messaging + Strategy

At North Star, we focus on brand voice and content strategy. Our proven Brand Voice Process captures the voice and stories of CEOs and empowers them to outsource content creation, once and for all. Our content strategy services help you plan out and optimize your content so that it meets your current business goals.

Founded in 2010, North Star supports business owners through content strategy consulting services, brand voice development, and copywriting. With a fully digital team of talented strategists, writers, editors, and project coordinators, North Star has successfully supported hundreds of business and nonprofits.

Services + Products
  • Content  Strategy: Professional guidance and recommendations around launch strategy, email optimization, and long-term content planning.

  • Brand Voice Consulting: Development of in-depth Brand Voice Guides to support businesses in outsourcing content creation.

  • Copywriting: Development of a wide variety of content, including sales pages, websites, email sequences, opt-ins, landing pages, case studies, and more.

  • Content Templates: Plug-and-play templates that allow business owners to develop their own content based on best practices.


from the past several years include:

Business Mentorship and Consulting

Dr. Sonia Chopra, mentor for dental practice owners

Kristin Cripps, real estate mentor

Tobi Fairley, creative business mentor

Aprille Franks, business coach for women entrepreneurs

Todd Herman, peak performance expert

Jackson Kingsley, business mentor and filmmaker

Casey Lightbody, business strategist

Tara Newman, business and leadership mentor

Run Like Clockwork, business operations consultancy

Schools of Excellence, early childhood education leadership coaching

Laura Sprinkle, business partnerships expert

Dr. Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, integrative pain care specialist

Theresa Truong, operations expert


Archer Education – higher education marketing

The Critical Thinking Child, education-focused nonprofit

Excel Campus, Excel training programs

Rice University, annual fund

Schools of Excellence, early childhood education leadership coaching

UT Health School of Biomedical Informatics, marketing

University of St. Thomas, development writing,

Writing Excuses, creative writing instruction –


Health and Wellness

Ballantyne Endodontics, endodontics practice

Dr. Sonia Chopra, endodontist and public figure

Julie Rogers “Gift of Life” Program, cancer screening nonprofit –

Marketing and Business Support

Bixa Media, digital marketing agency

Compiled Rogue, marketing, UI/UX, development

FieryFX, marketing strategy consultancy

Tanya Gagnon, branding and marketing

Petrucci Marketing, marketing consultancy and agency

Social Channels

Logos for Media Use

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