Polaris Writer Lounge

A community of writers + business owners who get it.

Writers deserve a thriving support system.

Running a writing business isn’t easy, and it can often feel lonely.

You’re doing it all. Building a business, staying on top of best copywriting practices, networking, figuring out contracts, raising your prices… basically, you’re the do-it-all solo-preneur content creator. 

And yeah, there are a lot of other business owners out there.

But how many of them run a copywriting or content creation business?

We have our own unique challenges, questions, and celebrations. And we deserve a community of peers who understand.

Welcome to a community for writers, by writers. 

The Polaris Writer Lounge is a free Slack community for writers to hang out. Simple as that.

There’s space for you here to engage in conversation, share opportunities, and learn from other writers. Whether you want to overcome writer’s block or figure out how to set better boundaries with your clients, we’re here to help. This is a space where you can become a better writer and a better business owner.

Inside the lounge, you’ll have access to:


Weekly Discussion Topics

Every week we’re digging into a different aspect of running a copywriting business. From pricing your services to setting solid boundaries, we’re leaving no stone unturned.


Writing Best Practices

Stay up to date with what’s what in the writing world. Share examples, inspiration, and frameworks with your peers. The world of writing is constantly changing, so let’s tackle it together!

Connection with Peers

Need to brainstorm your latest project, overcome writers block, or scream into the void? We’ve got you covered! Connect with other writers who simply get it.

Pet Pictures

Because every writer needs a mascot to cheer them on!

Dogs, cats, snakes, horses, and other pets welcome. Share your furry {or scaly} companion with the group!

Not only that, but you’ll get to build out your referral network, all while getting feedback and insights from experts.


We’ve been where you are.

We’re Marie + Jessi, and we’ve been in the business of copywriting and content creation for over a decade now. We’ve worked on just about every kind of project you can think of. And then some. 

We’ve experienced lots of phases of growth, from major wins to major setbacks. 

And one thing we’ve discovered is how important community is. 

It really makes a difference when we surround ourselves with other people who get it. Who share our love of language and understand the challenges and triumphs of making a living in our field. 

And we struggled to find a community that truly understood the hard knocks of building a writing career {like being constantly asked what your Plan B looks like 🙄 }.

So we created the space we always wished we had. The Polaris Writer Lounge.

Conversation, skillsharing, networking, and wisdom. It’s all here for you.

Ready to jump in? 

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