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You know those moments when you can feel a big shift is happening? You’re left with two options—ignore it and hide, or embrace it and see what happens.

Your business {and your message} can’t reach its full potential if you don’t allow ourselves to grow.

This year, North Star has encountered a LOT of growth. So much so that we’ve officially decided to embrace an agency model and expand our team.

What this means for you: We can support bigger projects, wider scopes, and more clients… all while continuing to give you the intimate, personalized, strategy-driven experience that we’ve become known for. Your story will be heard. Your content will reflect your business goals. Your powerful message will be shared.

We invite you to celebrate with us! We’re kicking off our expansion by welcoming TWO new writers to our team. You’ll be hearing from them periodically, so we want you to get to know them!

Erin Venable, Content Writer

Erin comes to us with over 10 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience. The passion of her life is getting the right message to the right audience {so she fits riiiiight in}.

When it comes to copy, you name it, she’s done it. Radio spots, company newsletters, ad copy, website copy, lead gen e-mails, social media posts, speeches… she’s been there, done that.

Additionally, on a lighter note, she’s also:

  • Currently living in France
  • Accidentally introduced “The Nutcracker” as “The Head Cracker” in French
  • Admitted out loud that her favorite food is butter {along with any derivatives, e.g. peanut butter}
  • Written a song that had the word “Wikipedia” in it {hint: she doesn’t recommend it}
  • Had a dog named “Uncle Beans”
  • Downed 6 cups of coffee by noon…more than once

But don’t let that scare you.

Above all, Erin values people over projects, character over charisma, and authenticity over slick, sterile perfection.

At the same time, she understands the need for entrepreneurs to stay out of the red and be well-situated in the black, which is something she believes can be done without compromising mission, integrity, or heart.

Her commitment to these values, as well as her instinctive business sense, makes her a great asset to the North Star team, and we’re thrilled to introduce her as one of our new writers.

Maggie Grimason, Content Writer

Maggie is a writer and editor living in Albuquerque, New Mexico {so she’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from Marie!}. She’s been a lifelong lover of the written word. From the time she could hold a pencil, she’s been scribbling stories, and since she learned to read, she has almost always had a book in her backpack, handbag, or back pocket.

She made good on many a threat to become a writer by earning a degree at Indiana University in English with a concentration in creative writing. Since then she’s written for many fields—from travel pieces to science journalism, grants, ad copy, creative nonfiction and even some poetry tucked onto the back pages of a few journals.

Most recently, she has spent several years as the arts & lit editor of Albuquerque’s free alternative weekly paper, the Alibi, and handling the communications and fundraising efforts at a small conservation-oriented nonprofit. She is the editor of a forthcoming collection of essays on Albuquerque’s unique public arts scene, titled Visually Speaking.

When she’s not writing, Maggie enjoys traveling, growing things, spending time with animals, running along the Rio Grande, and watching the birds. She helps organize and moderate a monthly science fiction book club, volunteers as a tutor, and occasionally coasts on the talent of her friends to make music together.

A warm welcome to Erin and Maggie! They will be supporting us with all sorts of strategy and content creation, so expect to hear from them!

If you’d like to have a chance to work with them {and us}, click here to tell us about your project.

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