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Welcome to our monthly roundup!

Here’s how it works: Every Friday, those of you on our email list get access to our Feature Friday email. This is our chance to give back to you. It includes people we’re crushin’ on, content we love, tools we use, and more.

There’s only one problem.

Once the email goes out, those goodies often get lost in cyberland.

So once a month, we’re collecting the best of the previous month’s Feature Friday emails and posting them here on the blog, so you have lifelong access to our favorite people, programs, and content. Some are free, some are paid, all are fully endorsed by us.

Not everything we put in the email will make it to this post {some are time sensitive, others are exclusive to our newsletter recipients}. If you want access to all of our recommendations, make sure you hop on our email list.

In the meantime…here’s our first Feature Friday Roundup, from our February 2018 emails. Last month’s tools were all about running a smoother, more profitable business.

*Please note links may be referral links. Everything mentioned in this post is a product or service we love and fully endorse.

Feature #1: Revolutionize how you share + sell content with MemberVault

Revolutionizing the way you deliver and sell content.

If you’ve been in business for more than ten seconds, we’re willing to bet you have content. Lots of content. You’ve made opt-ins, courses, checklists, templates, videos, webinars, masterclasses, ebooks, and who knows what else. Heck, you can’t keep track of your content half the time, let alone optimize it so the right people receive it at the right time.

Enter MemberVault, our content delivery platform of choice {we’re seriously in love with it, y’all}. We’ve been using MV to host our courses and content for over a year now, and it is the best. It’s allowed us to keep our content streamlined and focused, all while keeping you, our audience, front and center. Which means we serve you better, make more money, and stay more organized.

And what’s even better? They now have a free tier. So you can get on the MemberVault train for exactly $0. You can’t find a better investment for your content {seriously}.

Feature #2: Un-flop your latest launch in the Re-Build and Re-Launch community!

Sometimes your launch doesn’t go how you expected. Sometimes you hear more crickets than you’d like, and sometimes you want to bang your head against the wall in frustration. Totes get it. Totes been there. Annnnd that’s where Rochelle Sanchez, business architect and one of our past clients, comes in.

As a business architect, Rochelle’s specialty is helping you re-build and re-launch, so can say goodbye to crickets and hello to clients.

Her free Facebook community is an amazing resource and a great place for those of you who want to spend more time in your zone of genius and less time obsessing over your launches. Click here to join.

Feature #3: The BEST notebook for digital entrepreneurs

Dude. I got this thing for Christmas, and when I realized how freaking COOL it was, I legit cried. On a Christmas morning Skype with my mom. Not even kidding. #nerdalert

So here’s the scoop. I love to hand write. If you’re ever in meetings with me, you’ll see me scribbling away. It’s how I remember everything. But I’ve always got stupid little scraps of paper floating around everywhere, or notepads filled with who the heck knows what.

Enter: The Everlast Rocketbook. 36 pages. Just wipe down with a wet cloth to erase and reuse FOREVER. Open the app and snap a photo of your page. The QR code sends it to wherever you want. Integrates with SMS, Evernote, Google Drive, email, Dropbox, OneNote, Slack, iCloud…

So you can be your very human hand-writing, doodling, notetaking self… AND electronically send the page wherever you want… AND erase and reuse as much as you want. {Note: there’s no handwriting-to-typed feature; it just takes an image of the page. Great for doodles, diagrams, and drawings too!}

Guys. Get this notebook. For real.

Feature #4: Hit your goals with the Power Squad Project Accountability Program

Your projects aren’t going to finish themselves, and studies have shown that having an accountability buddy makes a big difference. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra push to guarantee that you’ll achieve your goals.

That’s why we freakin’ love the idea behind Power Squad Project Accountability program, hosted by Ashleigh Blatt. It’s super affordable and makes so much sense. You set a goal and receive text-based coaching and accountability, with a chance to win prizes along the way. Click here to sign up.

Feature #5: Manage your money with Profit First

Wanna know something crazy? We had ZERO idea how much money we really had in the bank for the first 7 years we were in business. I mean, sure, we could log in and see the number. And we had a budget. But did we have any idea if that number in the bank would really be enough to pay our bills, our taxes, or ourselves? Hell no! We held our breath every time we withdrew, hoping it didn’t screw us over.

That’s no way to run a business. But it wasn’t until we read Mike Micalowicz’s Profit First* that we learned there was any alternative.

This book is a detailed how-to guide for understanding your financial situation, paying yourself regularly {OMG, imagine!}, and planning for the future. Whether you have tons of money in your bank account or you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, if you don’t have a system in place for understanding where your money goes or how it works for you, you’re in a dangerous place! Click here to snag your copy.

Feature #6: Increase profits + productivity so you can focus on what you do best.

Business tools are a deeeeeeep rabbit hole, amirite? Last year, we took a hard look at all the subscriptions, web apps, and services we used, and we ended up cutting THOUSANDS in annual fees. But it took a lot of time and energy, and it would’ve been so much easier if we’d had solid recommendations of what we actually need from the get-go.

We needed Theresa Baretta’s Wealthy Workflow Toolkit! Theresa is our client and friend, and she’s created an incredible toolkit — and when we say incredible, we mean we can’t believe she’s not charging for this!!! — to help entrepreneurs make the best choices when it comes to tools and resources.

Best of all, she’s broken it down into tools for businesses in the startup phase, stretching phase, and scaling phase. So no matter where you are, she’s got tried and true recommendations for ya. Get your copy by clicking here.

Feature #7: Get clear on your message with a Brand Voice Intensive

You’ll never get the traction you seek or step into the leadership role you’re envisioning if your message is off. You won’t even have a biz to legally or financially protect if people don’t know who you are, what you stand for, and how to work with you. That’s why your message is the #1 most important aspect of being a thought leader or business owner.


And if you’re feeling stuck with your message, copy, content strategy, and more, we’d love to help you out. Our Messaging Strategy Intensives give you 1:1 support around your strategy, content, and copy. You’ll walk away with a personalized plan designed to help you meet your goals, benchmarks to make it happen, and one week of ongoing support to help you along the way. Head here to check it out.

That’s all for this month’s tools for running a smoother business!

If you choose to try out any of the features above, we’d love to know what you think. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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