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So we’re pretty sure you’re hiding something, and we’re here to tell you that we know ALL about it. Okay, well, we don’t know all about it yet, but we will! {If you take our advice, that is…}

 How do we know? Because we’ve worked with people like you before. We know all about your type. We know that you’re… GENEROUS. You’re…COMPASSIONATE. You’re… MAKING AN IMPACT.

And we’re willing to wager that your values are being reflected in your work, in your life, and in your giving. {Sound about right?}

 That said, we’d like to talk about how to incorporate your biz give-back strategy into your messaging, using your core values as a launching point for effectuating change, growing your business, and making an impact where it matters {to you} most. Particularly in regards to your digital content marketing!

Authentic messaging

One awesome thing about the CEOs we work with are that they’re humble. However, this often keeps them from talking much about the GOOD they are doing behind-the-scenes. {Raise your hand if that’s you!} 

But when you are able to squelch the fear of looking like you’re bragging and shine a light on the good you are doing behind closed doors, it lets your audience see the real you living your real values, which builds client loyalty. Totally a win-win! {Just think of it as keeping your messaging authentic.}

So you’re wanting to use your business to make a bigger, positive impact on the world? That’s amazing! In order to have minimal roadblocks and maximum effect, we suggest the following steps:

 Step 1: Identify your core values (waaaay before you start marketing your digital content)

As you take time to really reflect on what it is that inspires, drives, and motivates you, you are going to be able to leverage that genuine passion for change into making an actual difference. 

{Read more on how you can talk about the good you’re doing in your messaging…without feeling like you’re bragging, and how that attracts the right people to you for even greater impact!} 

Step 2: Identify your preferred method of giving

The second step is to figure out HOW you prefer to do your giving. The good news is that the options are limitless! You can give everything from time to money to expertise… the key is to find what aligns best with your desire to give and what gets you excited. {We’ve got an awesome PDF that lists ways to give that you may not have thought about. You can get that for free HERE.}

 For what it’s worth, as you look at opportunities for using your platform to create change, you’re going to discover a little more about yourself… which is just another tool in your “knowthyself” toolbox that helps you write {and live} out of a more authentic place.

 If you’ve got a few minutes, you can check out this video, where Marie guides you in selecting your preferred manner of giving {and introduces you to options you may not have even considered!}.

 Once you’ve given it  some thought, you’ll be further down the path in identifying a nonprofit,cause, and/or movement that complements your biz message, which means you’re just around the corner from effectuating even greater change.

This is knowledge that you’ll be able to use in your digital content marketing! {We promise!}

Step 3: Identify a specific nonprofit

The next step is to identify {or re-evaluate} the cause or nonprofit who’s going to be on the receiving end of all this greatness.

 So how do you start?  By revisiting your non-negotiables and verifying that the organization you’re leaning towards checks all your boxes.

 BTW, with our background in nonprofits, we have some important insider tips for selecting an organization that is well-managed, well-organized, and trustworthy with your investment.

You can find out specifics in this video, where Marie fills you in on how to easily get a feel for the fiscal health and sustainability of any non-profit {plus how a certain tax form can be very eye-opening}.

Step 4: Identify your reservations

 The more you are able to incorporate your story of giving back into your digital content marketing {or even traditional marketing, for that matter}, the more you attract people who align with your values, which helps to increase your income to increase your impact.

The only downside to this is if YOU feel like there’s a downside, which means you’ve got some {internal} work to do! 

 Here’s the deal: If you’ve identified your values, the way you want to give back, and a cause that checks all your non-negotiable boxes, then you’ve found a cause that is perfectly aligned with your NorthStar. {Stop and celebrate that for a minute! It’s a big deal!}

You’ve got to trust us on this: The more you talk about it and integrate it into your messaging, the more it strengthens your overall message.

Dig a little deeper

 So here’s a question: How does it make you feel when other people talk about the ways they’re giving back? If your reaction is somewhat negative, we’d encourage you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself “Why?”.

While you’re soul searching, go ahead and imagine what it would look like to add an impact piece to your digital content marketing strategy… and then notice any reservations you have.

 Why are we bringing this up? Because we’ve found that, in seeking to reframe those reservations, it’s important to first identify the root of them. {Another awesome PDF to walk you through this process, here.}

 Once you’ve gotten in touch with those feelings, you can find your way out with these two action steps: 

  1. Identify the benefits: If you gave back the way you wanted to, what would be the outcome? {no doubt it would be positive}
  2. What emotion does it create inside of you? How does it make you feel? How would it make your audience feel?

Remember, you don’t have to ever feel bad about championing a cause or reminding people that they, too, can effectuate change.

Integrating the impact piece into your messaging

So, now that you’ve done all that introspection, it’s time to make an action plan. Basically, it’s simple: As you look at the next 12 months, think about how you can incorporate your give-back piece into your upcoming events (i.e. launch, book, social media campaign, etc.}.

Honestly, in any of your digital content marketing, you should be able to tie in some mentions of the good you are doing in the world {or in YOUR world}. 

If this is still an area where you feel uncomfortable, just know that it’s a process. {After all, if you’ve spent a lifetime feeling like you can’t talk about your desire to be generous, then it’s normal to have some freak-out moments as you consider pulling the curtain back on your behind-the-scenes amazingness.} 

You’ve got to trust us on this: The more you talk about [your impact] and integrate it into your messaging, the more it strengthens your overall message.

When you’re starting to feel a little icky, remind yourself that talking about the ways you’re giving back is letting your audience see the real you. It allows them a peek at those core values that drive your life, your business, and your interactions with the world. 

Hopefully, you feel empowered to share your give-back message so that you can inspire others and create positive change in the world. If you’re like us {and you are… because we’ve “attracted an audience that aligns with our values”}, this is why we started this crazy entrepreneurial journey in the first place! World Changers… UNITE!


We have tons of resources available if you get stuck in a content corner. {You can explore those here.} Additionally, if you’re having trouble incorporating your give-back strategy into your content, make sure to reach out!

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