You’ve evolved as an entrepreneur. Has your message?

Update your message so you can earn more, grow more, and impact more.

  • Discover why a clear, confident message is your #1 key to sustainable, profitable business growth  
  • Identify your messaging holes and create a custom content roadmap to speak directly to your audience  
  • Learn how to uplevel your content, showcase your growth, and attract the right people for who you’ve become as an entrepreneur.

Have you outgrown your message?

When you visit your website, does it feel so out-of-date, it’s like you’re reading about someone else?  

When you send people to your opt-in, do you cringe, knowing it doesn’t really attract the right people anymore?  

When you’re asked to highlight your street cred, you strategically don’t mention certain podcast interviews or media features that make you sound like the newb you were.  

These days, trying to fit into your old messaging is like squeezing into your favorite jeans from 6th grade. Old-You’s messaging is holding you back. Your income has hit a wall, your content strategy is outdated and exhausting, and your audience growth has slowed.  


“I’m so grateful to both of you for seeing me, hearing me and transforming what I do into words that will help transform the lives of many, many more men and women.” 

-Lisa Carpenter, Full Frontal Living™ Coach 

The simple truth? You’ve evolved as an entrepreneur.

You know your work is quality, and your clients rave about you. You’re leveling up as a leader and taking your business up a notch {or 10}, and to connect with more of the right people, your message needs a tune-up. To do so, you have to acknowledge the fact that you’ve evolved.  

When you elevate your message to reflect where you are right now you’ll attract the exact right audience members and clients, create strategic content that helps you grow, and become known {and sought out} for your zone of genius.

“You have helped me move past my block about communicating confidently with my audience.” 

-Deb Blakely, Accredited Practising Dietitian

The Level Up! Messaging Assessment will show you how to:

  • Identify your messaging holes, so you can fill the gaps and embrace how you’ve evolved as a leader.  
  • Create a custom roadmap for your content strategy that will speak directly to {and attract} your audience  
  • Showcase your expertise and innovative ideas so you can grow your audience with the right people

We’re Jessi + Marie
copywriters and messaging strategists

When we began North Star Messaging + Strategy in 2010, we were all over the place. We’d grown up from our early days as resume writers, but we hadn’t fully embraced our new message. Instead of speaking with confidence, we were stuck churning out haphazard content and riding the feast-or-famine roller coaster.  

But then we got the bright idea: Hey! Let’s do for US what we do for our clients!  

So we got serious about refining our own message, and suddenly we were able to increase our revenue, income, and giving. We found our voice, which helps us feel confident every time we open our mouths. Most importantly, we were able to step up as true leaders, helping hundreds of business owners create their own clear, confident messaging that connects with the right people, shares their innovative ideas, and showcases their experience.  

We’ve created the Level Up! Messaging Assessment to help you get a clear picture of what is {and isn’t} working for you — so you can be confident in your message, attract the right people, and design a content strategy that’s a total breeze.

Are you ready to elevate your message?