You know what you stand for.

You’ve built your business from the ground up, and you aren’t afraid of your role as a leader. You’ve had success — lots of happy clients and money in the bank.

But you’ve outgrown your old message. Your old strategies.

You want to show up in a more authentic, genuine way. You want your content to come with ease and your audience to travel down the right customer path.

You know that, to continue growing in the way you’re meant to, you need to revisit your message.


You’re not into shiny objects. Instead, you’re all about strategic plans. You understand the value of a strong message, and you’re ready to sit down and map out your next level of success.

Imagine a content map that you can tackle with ease {or pass off to a team member without thinking twice}.

A strategy to pivot or scale that holds true to your values and motivates the right audience members to step up to the plate.

A laser-focused plan around what to cut, where to focus, and how to guide your potential client from first look to final sale.


You know that a clear message is non-negotiable for thought leaders like you.

It’s time to get the guidance you need to achieve that clarity — so you can have the income and impact you know you’re meant for. So you show up in a way you’re proud of.

So you keep growing in all the right ways.


Detailed messaging questionnaire to set us on the right path and get to know your business.


A 2.5 – 3 hour, in-depth session with two North Star team members, where we’ll work together to dig into your biggest roadblocks and create a path forward.


Post-Intensive Roadmap with action items, resources, notes, a call recording, and next steps, so you know how to implement your Intensive and can get your team on board.


Custom Brand Voice Guide for your business that will help your content sound like you, no matter who creates it.


2 weeks of follow-up email and Voxer support, so you can rest assured you have a messaging strategist on standby to review your copy, answer your questions, and tie up loose ends.


Professional eyeballs and high-level feedback on any content you send our team during your follow-up period.


Strategic recommendations on next steps, so you have a clear path forward.

Choose Your Path…

Content Strategy

When it comes to emails, social media posts, and other content, you’re scratching your head about how to keep your content focused and fresh, while staying connected with your audience.

With a strong content strategy, you’ll know what to talk about, how you can leverage content to make sales, and how to use your content to create true relationships with your audience.

You’ll walk away with a tailor-made content plan and strategy that includes content pillars, content mediums, timelines and milestones.

Pivot With Purpose

You’re pivoting or rebranding, and you’ve outgrown your message. It’s an easy time to lose clarity because everything is shifting. You want to get your message right, with clarity from the get-go, as you step up to the next level.

A message {and messaging strategy} that reflects who you are and where you’re going is more critical now than ever. This strong foundation will guide your content, offers, and visibility.

You’ll walk away with clarity around your new message, from program names to content strategy. We’ll make sure everything reflects your current direction.

Streamline & Scale

You’re ready to ramp up, but you need to streamline your offers and create a customer journey that excites your people. That means cutting the fat, figuring out where to focus, and doubling down on what’s working.

A focused look at existing content, offers, and programs will uncover how to keep your message from getting muddied. Simplification is key, as is a clear path for your audience to follow.

You’ll walk away with a streamlined customer journey supported by clear messaging — and a roadmap for implementing it so you can scale, scale, scale.

The Messaging Strategy Intensive was great and helped me learn a lot about my audience. And I really like the sales page copy that came from it. It resonates with my audience.

Jon Acampora

Excel Campus

The questions you asked me were really helpful. I  see how the Intensive is a necessary part of the process. You’re the best copywriters I’ve ever worked withyou got me and what I wanted to say.

Tess Brigham

Coach and Therapist

I had initially imagined we’d work on one project, but you helped me with multiple projects in the time we had, which was beyond anything I could ask for. It was so helpful to get clear on my brand story and see how I could incorporate it into my content.

Ariel Frey

Intuitive Business Coach

You were both so easy to talk to, and you really understood where I was trying to go and what I was trying to do (even when I didn’t!).

Mary Beth Hardy

MBHardy Consulting

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