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As an established entrepreneur, you already have your plate full with running your business, being the visionary, and managing the million other hats you wear throughout the day. However, regardless of how awesome your big idea is or how unique your services, if you’re not doing any marketing, the world misses out. No one knows about it!

So how’s your content? {Let’s start there.} If you’re keeping up with today’s marketing trends, then you’re probably feeling the pressure of constantly cranking out content to keep up with the demand. {Which could be making you constantly cranky. Just saying…}

Think about how much time you spend every week on:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts + stories
  • Emails
  • Landing + sales pages
  • Media features
  • Website copy
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • Webinars + trainings
  • More {and that doesn’t even count time spent strategizing}

After giving it some thought, most entrepreneurs will realize that content creation is controlling their life. Okay, well, maybe that’s a little strong, but according to research, small business owners spend, on average, 20 hours a week on marketing — including content creation. (Small Biz Trends) That’s a LOT of time, friends!

It doesn’t have to be that way

As messaging strategists, we are 100% confident that your brand voice can be outsourced. Regardless of the subject matter, regardless of your preferred terminology, regardless of how technical your expertise.

Just as you have branded colors, photos, and a logo, your brand itself also has a voice. And we have a proven method for pulling that voice out of YOU and putting it on paper, where it can be duplicated, replicated, and authenticated. {Note: We explained in a previous post how this doesn’t have to be a painful process.} This is capturing your brand voice.

Think content outsourcing as self-care

What does that mean? It means that when your audience reads your content, they think it’s you. {Score!} No more late nights poring over every single piece of content, no more of your precious time devoted to social media snippets or sales funnel copy.

You do the hard work upfront so that your team {or an outside agency} can take over, leaving you time to focus on things like recording another podcast, attending a conference, or even going on vacation.

But you can’t outsource your content without outsourcing your voice. So, to make sure we’re on the same page, here’s the official definition of brand voice {officially ours, at any rate}:

At its core, brand voice is the feeling, personality, and style of the brand, conveyed through written content and communication.

Remember, capturing your brand voice allows you to:

  • Spend less time + money outsourcing content
  • Duplicate your expertise and grow your team
  • Connect with your audience more regularly without sacrificing authenticity
  • Empower your team to replicate and honor your voice + personality

We go into more depth about the power of brand voice in this article. Today, we want to talk about capturing and outsourcing that brand voice.

The best thing about capturing brand voice

Why does identifying your brand voice help with all of the above? Because it frees you up to outsource your content. And if you follow our process, then you’ll be able to outsource with confidence and without fear. Not convinced?

One of our clients, who is a subject-matter expert in neuropsychology, wasn’t sure it was possible to hand her content over to someone with a different educational background. However, we came in, listened, documented her voice, and honed in on her Core Messaging, which enabled us to then create website copy and launch materials that contributed to a 6-figure launch! Her response?

“You get my voice like no one else.” – Dr. Shannon Irvine, Epic Success Academy

Another one of our clients, Dr. Sandra Chopra, had a similar situation. Her expertise was very subject-specific, and she wanted to advise and assist the world with her knowledge so she founded an e-learning site. But at the same time, she had a busy endodontics practice to run, patients to see, etc.

She desperately needed someone to help put her expertise into words, but felt trapped due to her crazy busy life and niche expertise. We were able to help her capture her brand voice, put it down on paper, and hand off her web copy and blog posts to outside writers. Success!

Dr. Chopra’s reaction?

“You make me sound like me!”

We are convinced that 1) you can outsource your content, and 2) you don’t have to be afraid. When you have the tools in place to nail down your message and your voice, you can then hand it over to someone else. {Success!}

Outsourcing your brand voice is a process {and it’s proven}

Let’s talk about our process. We mentioned this in part one, but we’re hitting it again because it’s important. Here’s a little secret: It has to do with {of all things} eggs.

I learned a lot in high school… and I’ve forgotten most of it. But one lesson that has stayed frozen in my mind was my was this oft-used phrase quoted by my cooking class instructor, “Eggs are the emulsifiers.”

Now, unless you’re a word nerd, you probably don’t have “emulsifier” on your list of frequently-used vocabulary. So what does that mean, exactly? It means the eggs hold everything together. They’re the “binding agent.”

Think about the last time you baked something. As soon as the eggs go into the mix everything starts to stick together, right? Emulsifier.

When we do a 1-hour Brand Voice Intensive with our clients, we use the listening skills we’ve developed  over the past 15 years in our careers as the “binding agent.” That said, in this “recipe for success,” listening would be considered the eggs.

Capturing brand voice: A glimpse into the future

In the fall, we are going to offer an opportunity to dive deep into our process {along with other amazing tips and resources for reconnecting with your core message, capturing your brand voice, and outsourcing your content}, but we can go ahead and give you your “school supply list” for free.

The good news? You won’t need much to get going. We’re not trying to sell you some magic pill or scam you into signing up for a ton of prerequisites before taking the course. {Get in touch here if you’d like to be on the waitlist}

In fact, if you’ve got a team member or trusted friend, something to write with, something to write ON, and some of your past content, then you’ll be set. {Don’t forget to check “self-censorship” at the door! You’ll want to be able to talk unedited.}

By the way, make sure your team member {whom we like to refer to as your “accountability partner,” which we will discuss more in our upcoming training} has some rock-solid listening skills. Remember, pretty much every recipe requires {you guessed it!} eggs.

The secret sauce to capturing your brand voice

Okay, so here’s a confession: We can’t tell you everything about how we do this. I mean, we could {and we WILL in our upcoming LIVE course}, but the real “secret sauce” recipe has to be divulged “face to face.”

You know how you taste someone’s chocolate chip cookies and ask for the recipe, then try it yourself at home and totally bomb? We don’t want you to do that. That’s not good for anyone, and it kills momentum. We’d rather have you “in the kitchen” with us so we can show you exactly what ingredients to use and how to mix it all together.

What we can do, however, is give you this free resource that serves as a great starting point for capturing your brand voice: Our {recently updated} Copywriting Character Quiz. 

What’s “copywriting character”? Think of it as your content’s avatar. Are you the Architect, the Artist, the Rebel, or the Scholar? We use this quiz with literally every one of our clients, and it’s tried, tested, and proven.

The process of identifying your brand voice can take as little or as much time as you would like

Obviously, the more thorough you are, the more accurately you’re going to capture your voice so that you can hand it off to your team or to an outside agency. But if you’re already dealing with overwhelm, start with the Copyrighting Character Quiz.

We’ll be here to help you along the way as you chart your course to even greater success. Keep your eyes on your North Star, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that capturing your brand voice so you can outsource your content is an investment on the front-end that results in long-term dividends: Your content gets more regular, you have more time to focus on sales, and you stay in your zone of genius. {Everybody wins!}

Remember that even if you’re stepping out of the content creation, it’s up to you, as the CEO, to empower your team with the resources they need. Not sure what we’re talking about? We’ll cover everything in our upcoming core messaging course. {It’s gonna be AWESOME!} Don’t forget to put your name on our waitlist!

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