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Hello leaders! Welcome to the eighth episode of the Leadership Forum. This episode is all about how to deeply understand your audience through market research. {Want to catch us when we go live? Head on over to the Thought Leaders Think Tank}

Whoever you serve, it’s important to know them intimately. When you’re clear on who is in your audience (and what they want and need), you’re able to create content and messaging that builds stronger relationships and makes more sales.

The best market research comes from asking the right questions. This episode of the Leadership Forum dives into why we sometimes avoid market research, the questions we’re already inherently asking, how to better frame our research questions, and how to take imperfect action {rather than getting stuck in research paralysis mode}.

Skip around:

0:00 – 1:50: Welcome and Introduction!
1:50 – 4:30: What questions are you already asking in your business?
4:30 – 6:50: Why we sometimes resist market research
6:50 – 11:00: Tips for asking better questions
11:00 – 13:22: How to build deeper connections with your audience and trust your audience
13:22 – 19:50: Making micro-shifts in your messaging to reach the right people
19:50 – 22:30: Addressing objections and incorporating education pieces
22:30 – 26:00: Taking action based on your market research
26:00 – 28:00: Adjusting course, taking criticism, and improving upon your product
28:00 – 41:11: Resources for conducting better market research

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