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When it comes to education, there’s a lot at stake.

Schools and other educational organizations do so much more than provide knowledge — they promote diversity, encourage innovation, and open the doors to new opportunities.

The modern educational landscape requires a new approach to old paradigms. 

It’s up to you to stand out to all students — prospective, current, and past. Whether you’re seeking to ramp up enrollment, promote current events, or secure alumni donations, your success depends on the pride and involvement of each individual student.

Does your content:

  • Attract highly qualified students, clients, or customers?
  • Build a raving fan base of students, teachers, and parents?
  • Increase student enrollment, event attendance, and overall engagement?
  • Showcase your innovative ideas, global impact, and diverse offerings?
  • Share compelling success stories and exciting opportunities?
  • Convey your organization’s culture, voice, and values in a meaningful way?

Content for content’s sake won’t help your organization grow. You need highly-targeted content driven by your brand’s unique voice and personality.

Every student journey starts with a dream.

Your job is to help them achieve it. 

Our job is to help them find you.

Founded in 2010, North Star Messaging + Strategy is a boutique agency that specializes in high-quality content designed to reflect the unique voice of your organization while achieving its strategic goals. 

With over a decade of experience working within the education industry, the North Star team of writers, editors, and strategists has created targeted content for over a dozen universities and educational institutions.

Compelling content, designed with your school in mind.

No matter what kind of content you need, we’re here to help.

Through our in-depth messaging strategy + content marketing process, we help educational organizations refine their message and outsource content creation.

Messaging strategy consulting, to develop a Brand Voice Guide and make sure your content is focused, strategic, and full of personality

Website copy, microsite copy, and landing pages to showcase the unique brand voice of your educational institution

SEO-optimized blog posts and articles that drive new traffic and engage existing audiences

Email drip campaigns and newsletters designed to increase enrollment, secure donations, and build brand loyalty

Marketing materials, including flyers, magazines, and brochures that drive profits, generate campaign excitement and raise brand awareness

Social media campaigns designed to hype specific events, highlight students and faculty, and keep your brand top of mind

Donor features, annual reports, and content assets specific to the unique needs of non-profits, so you can increase your donor base

Content designed for today’s educational landscape.

Your team is our go-to when it comes to outsourcing content and market research.

Jaime Hargrave

Director of Student Affairs, UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics

They are gifted writers, immensely reliable, and fully capable of tackling whatever challenges are presented to them.

Jessica Rush

Senior Director, Advancement Communications, University of St. Thomas

We’re pleased with your work and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Maggie Yee

Associate Director, Direct Marketing, Rice University

Our process incorporates your needs.

Messaging Strategy + Brand Voice

First, we’ll work together to clearly define your message, positioning, and goals.

Through this process, North Star will become intimately familiar with the voice and audience of your brand.

Content Creation

Then, we’ll put together a targeted content marketing strategy and make strategic recommendations. Our staff of talented writers and editors will develop branded content designed to achieve your goals.

Delivery + Refinement

As content goes live our team will evaluate its effectiveness and adjust accordingly. In addition, we’ll tweak future content based on audience response. Regular reports will keep you informed every step of the way.

We know your voice, values, and vision are unique. Which is why you’ll receive a custom content strategy designed to fit your specific needs. Our goal at North Star is to nail your unique voice and message, so your content remains an authentic representation of your brand.

Outsource your content with confidence.

The North Star team is made up of wonderful, lifesaving writers. They truly understand my writing style, as well as my passion and mission of my business.

Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

Founder, CEO, The Critical Thinking Child

After working with North Star my message has unified, and I’m no longer afraid to email my list.

Lindsey Nelson

CEO, Opportunity Unlocked

North Star has changed everything. The copy they write captures our mission, vision, and intention in a powerful, concise way. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we have made for our business.

Rachel + Kyle Wright

Co-Founders, Wright Wellness Center

Meet the North Star Team

Jessi Honard

Jessi Honard


Jessi kicked off her career as a high school teacher and then moved into educational marketing. Her writing has found its way into the pages of magazines and onto the walls of museums, and she’s passionate about sharing the power of clear messaging and strategic content with the world.

Marie Parks

Marie Parks


Marie got her professional start in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, where she learned to merge heart and logic in her writing. She’s carried those skills to North Star, along with the values of respect, transparency, and communication. Call her a romantic (or a nerd!), but Marie believes the pen is mightier than the sword. 

Brigid Ward

Brigid Ward


Passionate, energetic, and full of strategic ideas, Brigid keeps North Star running. She gets the job done, whether it’s ensuring workflows are flowing or onboarding clients. When not at her computer she’s cheering on her two boys at soccer or waterpolo or sneaking in a date night with her husband.

Erin Venable

Erin Venable

Marketing Manager

Erin brings over 10 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience to North Star. When it comes to copy, you name it, she’s done it: Radio spots, company newsletters, advertising copy, website copy, lead generation e-mails, social media posts, speeches, and more.

Maggie Grimason

Maggie Grimason

Editorial Manager

From the time Maggie could hold a pencil, she’s been scribbling stories. She’s written for many fields—from travel pieces to science journalism, grants, ad copy, creative nonfiction and even some poetry. As editorial manager, she brings her detailed eye to all of North Star’s content.

Josh Verlin

Josh Verlin

Lead Writer

Josh brings his experience as an interviewer, writer, and successful entrepreneur to North Star. To date, he’s helped develop hundreds of content pieces for various higher education projects. A Philly resident, he can be found exploring the city with his fiancée or indulging in Michael Schur comedies.

Natalee Walker

Natalee Walker

Content Writer

Natalee is a writer turned social, digital and content marketing pro, who moonlights as a poet.  She has experience across the technology, franchise, and higher education industries. Natalee is based in Chicago and absolutely believes deep dish is the superior pizza.

Mary Grace Miller

Mary Grace Miller

Content Writer

Mary Grace Miller brings her experience as an ESL teacher and National Board Certified teacher to her content. An astute writer, she supports our academically-leaning clients  with content that speaks to the nuances of the education industry.

Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh

Project Coordinator

Natasha’s love for organization started the first day of preschool {where she brought out her color-coded, tabbed binder} and there was no going back. She has 15+ years of experience managing projects and streamlining processes in multiple industries, including higher education.

Ana Canon

Ana Canon

Social Media Coordinator

Ana Canon is an ambitious mother of two with an intense love for social media marketing. She brings her strategic mindset to ever-changing platforms and algorithms. When she’s not immersed in social media, you can find her whipping up a new healthy recipe, going for a run, or writing her blog.

Isn’t it time to expand your impact?

We think so.

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