Increase retention, reduce revisions, + scale your content creation business. 

As a content creator, you know how hard it can be to juggle multiple clients. Each one has their own needs, their own voice, and their own ideas of what makes copy “good.”

Above all, they want the content you create to sound like they wrote it.

It doesn’t matter how good your copywriting + content creation is, technically. If your client feels like it doesn’t sound like them, you can say hello to revision hell.

In a perfect world, you could…


Manage multiple clients with multiple voices, allowing you to grow your business without feeling like you’re constantly stuck figuring out a new voice.


Reduce revision time by nailing how their personality shows up in content on the first draft.


Keep clients you love longer, representing their authentic self while also hitting their strategic goals. 

As a writer, you have two jobs. And you need to get both right.

First, you need to help your clients hit their strategic content goals. Second, you need to do it while sounding like them. The best writers are chameleons, able to shift into the voice of their clients at the drop of a hat.

But do you have a process for keeping all those voices straight?

If you’re just trusting your intuition, you might be in trouble. Holding their voice in your head will only get you so far {especially as your client load grows}. And unless you have a repeatable process for documenting their voice, you may not even hit the mark.

As a result, you’re limited in the number of clients you can take on, and the time you have to serve them. And when you do get new clients, you’ll be stuck in revision purgatory until you’ve fully absorbed their communication style. It’s an endless cycle, and it keeps you overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid.


Before you know it, you’ve entered one of the 9 Circles of Editing Hell…

An image that goes from Draft #1 - Draft #9 with common revision feedback from clients, such as, "Just punch it up a bit!" and "That doesn't really sound like me" and "I would never use that phrase!"

What if, instead, you could save yourself some struggle and capture their voice, right from the beginning?

Become the content creator your client can never part with.

Every one of your clients is unique. They have their own personality, tone, and approachwhich means the content you write for them needs to be unique, too. When you’re able to capture the personality of each client, you become so much more than a writer-for-hire. You become indispensable.

Since 2010, the writing team at North Star Messaging + Strategy have been developing proven strategies for capturing the voice of our clients. Our frameworks have allowed us to reduce revision time, keep our clients on for longer, and grow the business to multiple six figures.

The Core Voice Workbook pulls the curtain back on a key piece of our process. Through this step-by-step workbook, you’ll gain the skills you need to:


Immediately know which words and phrases to use {and which words and phrases to avoid} when creating content.


Sell with more confidence, because when they ask how you’ll sound like them, you’ll have an answer.


Increase retention and reduce revision time, by keeping your client wowed by your ability to sound like them.


Nail your client’s voice right from the beginning, so your content reflects their personality. 

Set up a proven process for capturing voice, so your clients can outsource their content with confidence. Goodbye revision time, hello retention.

With thE CORE VOICE workbook, you’ll gain access to:


A repeatable 3-step process for building a custom Core Voice resource for each individual client, allowing you to reference their voice quickly and easily.


Carefully chosen interview questions to ask your clients, so you can extract the words and phrases that make them unique.


An easy-to-use Core Voice Template you can use over and over again to document how each client communicates.

 We’ve integrated this framework into every single project in our own business, because it works. If you’re a copywriter or content creator who is tired of feeling like you can never get the voice of your clients quite right, this is the resource you need.