Content creation services for busy business owners who want to leave their audience starstruck.

Words matter. So does your time.

Content remains one of the most important pillars in your business. But content takes time and energy to create, and you can’t do it all.

Any of this ring a bell?

You’re constantly behind on sending emails, updating your blog, or revamping your website, because there’s way too much to do.

It feels like your content doesn’t match up with who you are and what your business has become.

The content you DO manage to get out there doesn’t seem to connect with your audience the way it should.

You’ve tried outsourcing your content in the past, but it didn’t work. The voice was off, it didn’t feel like you, and you ended up right back in it.

Let’s face it. You’re too busy running your business to keep up with all the content creation. And that’s a good thing! It means your business is thriving.

But you need help. And not just any help.

You need help from someone who GETS your business, your voice, and your goals.


You’re not a fan of half-baked content strategy or poorly executed copy. You want personality-driven content that hits your strategic goals while sounding authentic.

How much of a relief would it be if all of your content, from website copy to email campaigns, was out of your hands?

How much simpler would it be if you had content marketing professionals at your side, helping optimize your existing content and prepare for future endeavors?

Imagine the impact you could make with persuasive content designed to grow your platform, spread your message, and ramp up your profits.

At North Star, we’ve supported countless entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and business owners as they catapult their growth through personality-driven content.


Turning complex ideas into powerful messages is our jam. We’ll take content creation off your plate and bring your vision to life, so you can step into your leadership shoes without worrying about the words.

No matter what kind of content you need, we’ve got you covered:

One-time Copywriting Projects

Your content needs to reflect your voice AND hit your goals. The North Star team will take your next project off your plate and create powerful content.

Sample Projects Include:

Website copy that gives your audience an immediate taste for who you are and how you can help them.

Launch content, from email sequences to sales pages, so you can focus on being present when the cart goes live.

Drip campaigns, so you can connect with your audience from the moment they join your list.

Ongoing Content Retainers

Content isn’t a one-and-done deal. You need new content all the freakin’ time. To extricate yourself from the day-to-day, let North Star step in as your ongoing content marketing team.

Sample Projects Include:

SEO-optimized blog posts and articles that drive new traffic and keep your audience hanging on every word.

Email campaigns that share important updates, invite engagement, and keep you top of mind.

Bylines, press releases, and other pieces of content that help you put your best foot forward.

“North Star Messaging + Strategy has changed everything for our business. The copy they write for us captures our mission, vision, and intention in a powerfully concise way. It’s so hard to find someone who can take our words and turn them into eloquent and intentional emails, social media, and sales pages. Truly one of the best decisions we have made for our business was hiring North Star.”

Rachel & Kyle Wright

Co-Founders, Wright Wellness Center


It’s not easy to trust someone else with your message, but leadership is about taking scary, strategic steps forward. We want you to feel confident handing the reins over to us on your project.

We make each and every one of our clients the same promise: We will nail your unique message + brand voice.

Some content marketing firms care about speed. Others care about quantity, churning out as many pieces of content as possible.

We care about making sure every piece of content reflects your brand voice and is strategically positioned to reflect your message.

Which is why, no matter your project, we follow the same process:


Every project kicks off with an in-depth look at your brand. We’ll meet with you for a Brand Voice Session, where we dig into your message and get to know your brand voice.  We’ll learn all about your story, message, and your vision.

When you’re done, you’ll receive a customized Brand Voice Guide for your business, and we’ll get to work on your content. 


Sit back and let us work our magic. No, seriously.

Once our team has a sense of your brand voice and messaging goals, it’s time for you to go do your CEO-thang. Your dedicated content team will dive headfirst into your project, and they’re only an email away if you need anything.

But seriously, we’ve got it.


We’re confident you’ll love your new copy, and we give you one week to digest it and request up to two rounds of revisions.

Following the project {or on a monthly basis, if you’re a retainer client}, we’ll hop on a quick strategy call to make sure all of your content is doing what it’s supposed to do.


“Where do I even start? Jessi and Marie understood my voice and message on such a deep level that the first draft brought me to tears. They were able to capture my story and essence in every word. I couldn’t be prouder with the end result.”
— Lisa Carpenter, Life Coach


“Every sentence I read is such a hell yes, I basically want to hire myself right now. Thank you for such a doing an amazing job at incorporating my new branding and being so clever about it. Blown away.”
— Julia Wells, Conscious Compass

“I was absolutely shocked when I read my new copy. It literally sounded more like me than ME. North Star hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much for making me see how beautifully my message can be shared!”
— Lacey Sites, A Lit Up Life

“I’m sitting here reading and re-reading the final copy of my page, and it captures me perfectly. There is no doubt in my mind that this copy will do 10 times more for my business than the version I could have cobbled together, myself!”
— Jaime Slutzky, Simply Jaime