DONE-FOR-YOU Copywriting + Content Creation

Outsource Your Content Without Sacrificing Authenticity or Results

Words matter. So does your time.

Whether you’re building your email list, nurturing your audience through your blog, or putting together a successful launch, you know words have power. 

Unfortunately, words also take time.

All too often, instead of staying in your genius, you find yourself…

  • Losing sleep over all the content you need to create to support your business goals (No amount of coffee will get you through all those emails…).
  • Unsure whether your content will actually help you hit your big goals you’ve set for yourself (Because you know there’s a difference between being a good writer and a good copywriter).
  • Unable to take on those exciting initiatives and projects you dreamed about (Remember that new revenue stream you were going to create? Or the PR opportunities you were going to pursue? Or a vacation?! Hello, backburner.).
  • Frustrated when your attempts to hire a super-talented writer fall flat (It’s not that they’re not good… it’s just that they struggle to sound like you. Why can’t they get inside your head?).

Welcome to the Content Bottleneck of Doom. You’re too busy running your business to stay on top of all its content creation and copywriting needs.

Yet, here you are, staring at a blank Google Doc, trying to do it all yourself… or avoiding the problem altogether and ignoring your audience.

Either way, you know it isn’t sustainable.

You’re ready for a writer who gets you.

You’re not just looking for any copywriter. 

Handing off your copywriting projects can feel like you’re outsourcing the heart and soul of your business.

You want to work with someone who’s able to think like a partner and peer. Who’s able to get your business, your voice, and your goals… and then turn them into compelling words that get the job done.

You need to work with someone you can trust and build a relationship with; someone who’s as invested in the success of your business as you are.

That way, you can…

  • Breathe a sigh of relief as you take all those content tasks off your to-do list (Hallelujah!).
  • Know your content is designed and written to support your goals, following best practices (Because you know you’ve hired an expert writer.).
  • Shake the dust off your backburner projects and dive in with renewed excitement (There’s nothing holding you back now!).
  • Rest easy knowing your content will still sound like you, even when you didn’t write it (So you never have to sacrifice authenticity.).

You need a writer WITH a proven process for understanding your goals and nailing your voice. 

outsource and optimize your CONTENT.

It’s not easy to trust someone with your voice and your message. You want to feel confident handing the reins off.

That’s why, at North Star, we focus on two key areas: Voice + Strategy.

Some copywriting agencies and content marketing firms care about speed.

Others care about quantity, churning out as much content as possible.

We care about becoming trusted partners in your business. Our trained writers become your content experts, ready to create compelling, personality-driven content designed to reflect your Brand Voice and help you reach your strategic goals.  


All of our copywriting and content projects begin with our signature Brand Voice Intensive. During your Intensive we’ll learn exactly how your brand communicates. We don’t want to write for a company we don’t understand. Your Intensive will include a questionnaire, a 90-minute interview, and the creation of a customized Brand Voice Guide for your business. You can learn all about our Brand Voice Process here.

Once we’ve documented your Brand Voice, it’s time to dive into content creation. Whether you have a one-off project or ongoing content needs, we’ve got you covered.


Website Copy

Personality-driven website copy that sounds like you.

Your website is your home base. Does it work as hard as you? Or are you reluctant to share it with people? 

When your target audience arrives at your website, you want them to immediately know who you are and why you’re the person to help them. They should feel seen and heard, connect with you and your personality, and be ready to take the next step towards working with you.

Starts at $6,997, including your Brand Voice Intensive.

Launch Copy

Conversion-focused copy to help you hit your launch goals.

From sales pages to email sequences, running a launch means creating a lot of content. What if, instead, you could focus on staying present with your audience?

Rest easy knowing all of your launch content has been written + optimized for you and your biz. We’re talking about compelling sales copy designed to reach your target audience without coming across as icky. Instead, your copy will educate, empathize, and encourage your prospects in a way that makes them feel good about their decision to hit that ‘Buy’ button.

Starts at $7,997, including your Brand Voice Intensive.

Content Retainers

Ongoing support for your all your long-term content needs.

Let’s face it, your content needs never go away. A Content Retainer allows you to take content creation off your plate, once and for all. With your retainer, you aren’t just hiring a writer… you’re hiring a strategic partner.

These monthly retainers give you the ultimate flexibility, with monthly strategy calls where we hone in on what content to prioritize and why. Each piece of content will focus on your brand’s unique voice and specific goals.

Starts at $1,997/month.

“Your words truly transcribed my soul, being, and evolution. And I LOVE IT! The copy you wrote not only reflects the next stage in my journey, but it gives me confidence in being able to articulate what it is that I do, and who I serve. Whenever I start feeling like I’m wavering, I just pop back onto my website. Thank you!

— Theresa Truong, CEO of LoopLinc

North Star has wonderful, lifesaving writers. They truly understand my writing style, as well as my passion and mission of my business.”

— Lemi-Ola Erinkitola, Founder of The Critical Thinking Child

I love you so much! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I have so much gratitude for you!!”

— Sonia Chopra, DDS, Founder of E-School


What would it look like if you could finally step away from constant content creation? If you could say goodbye to the Content Bottleneck of Doom, once and for all?

At North Star, we’ve been creating compelling copy for over a decade, and in that time we’ve created a streamlined, proven process for success.

Here’s what it looks like:


Head to our inquiry form and tell us about your project. From there, you’ll receive a link to book a complimentary, 20-minute call with us. We’ll sit down and chat about your content needs and how a copywriting agency like North Star can support you in hitting your goals.


Once you’ve green-lit the project, we’ll kick off your Brand Voice Intensive. You’ll meet your writing team and sit down with them for a 90-minute discovery process. From there, you’ll receive a customized Brand Voice Guide for your business.

Once we’ve documented your Brand Voice, we’ll shift gears and talk about content strategy. We’ll make sure everyone is on the same page and create a plan of action.


Sit back and let us work our magic. Your dedicated content team will dive into your project, creating content designed to leave your audience starstruck (and ready to take action).


We’re confident you’ll love your new copy, and we want to hear your feedback. That’s why we provide two rounds of revision over a two week period. This will allow us to make any final adjustments before the copy goes live.


How do I know I’m ready to invest in VIP Content Support?

You’re a business owner who’s seen success, but feels held back by all of the content your business requires. You’re making money, but you know you could make even more if you could get out of the content weeds.

How long do these projects take?

It depends! The Brand Voice Project takes about 2 weeks total. The copywriting and content creation varies, depending on your scope.

How long in advance should I schedule my project?

This depends entirely on the scope of your project, but we typically have at least a one-month wait list, so please fill out our form as soon as you know you’ll be looking for support.

Do I need to have a Brand Voice Intensive?

Yes! While it might be tempting to want to “get straight to the writing,” we’ve found that failing to nail the Brand Voice is one of the biggest sources of frustration between a copywriter and a CEO. Our Brand Voice Process bridges this gap by providing plenty of space for us to fully understand your message, voice, and vision. We won’t write content without it, because you deserve to feel fully represented.

Who does the writing?

We have an incredible team of talented copywriters and content strategists. When you lock in your project, you’ll be assigned a writer and a project coordinator who will become your main point of contact throughout the project.


“OMG the copy is amazing. Seriously amazing! I really enjoyed working with you. You guys are awesome and I hope we can work together again in the future. Thank you so much!”
— Jennifer Pham, Aligned Accounting

After many years in the business, I FINALLY have a website whose look, structure and copy all cohesively and compellingly convey me. They are my go-to for future projects and get my strongest recommendation.”
— Ken Blackman, Relationship Coach

I felt like I was working with more of a strategic partner than just a copywriter – a night and day difference to those I’d hired in the past. The messaging took my brand to a whole new level, and the results spoke for themselves.

Working with North Star was a fantastic investment and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a content and messaging partner to grow their business.”

— Jackson Kingsley, Founder of Five Day Film School

“I just have to say that my mind is BLOWN! The way you so gracefully put it everything sounds amazing! I sobbed. I just wanted to say, oh my gosh. This experience is Blowing. My. Mind. WHEW!”

— Monaye Marcia, Certified Life and Trauma Coach

After more than a decade in the content marketing and copywriting business, we’ve seen the power of authentic, strategic content firsthand.

We understand the impact of a well-positioned story.

We know how to prioritize clarity over cleverness (while still making sure your content sounds like you). And we love taking a relationship-first approach to copywriting that prioritizes people without sacrificing profit.

From blog posts to emails to sales pages… your content is a direct line to your audience. You want it to sound authentic, and you want your audience to hang onto every word. 

That’s where we come in. Our trained team of writers have learned how to immerse themselves in your voice and craft personality-driven content designed to get results.