P.S. If you’re an OBM, VA, copywriter, or content strategist, this program will show you how to deliver even better results.

Jessi and Marie are fabulous at breaking down the big picture of marketing and messaging into small bite-sized pieces that are easy to take in, learn from and implement.

Amy Ambrozich

Parenting Coach

Jessi and Marie are complete experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, but also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop their own authentic voice.

Fiona Mackenzie

Leadership Coach

Hi there, we’re Jessi + Marie, co-CEOs of North Star Messaging + Strategy!

Since 2010, we’ve been developing a process to capture our clients’ voices effortlessly.

The North Star team helps our clients:

  • See what’s unique and outstanding about themselves, so they can incorporate it into their message.
  • Develop flexible strategies that fit their unique business model and goals, while also responding to what’s going on in the world.
  • Capture their authentic voice, so it can be replicated in content.
  • Communicate their expertise in a way that resonates deeply with their audience {aka, we help them make money + increase their impact}.
  • Simplify time-consuming writing processes and dedicate their energy to what they enjoy most. 

Jessi and Marie helped me get really clear on my brand story and see how I could incorporate it into my programming and content.

Ariel Frey

Business Coach