Content Inventory Spreadsheet

Document, track, and optimize your content—so you can prioritize results.

An image of a laptop with a multi-colored Content Inventory Spreadsheet on its display.

What if your best content has already been written?

Would you even know it? Over the years, running a business requires a lot of content creation. Sales pages, website pages, blog posts, email campaigns, funnels… the list goes on. 

And yet business owners continue to create more, instead of leveraging what they already have. Often, because they don’t even know what they have.

In the race to put out shiny, new content, some of your best content might be collecting dust… and you don’t have any idea.

How much time could you save by upcycling your old content to fit your current goals?

It all starts by gathering your resources. When you have a central repository of content, you can look back at it and make more informed decisions about what new content to create and what old content to update.

With a customized content inventory, you can:

  • Revisit older content based on the topics most important to your business.
  • Prioritize which content fits into your current strategy.
  • Create only the new content you need most, while recycling old content.

All it takes to get started is a simple spreadsheet that gives you access to powerful information.

    Your Content Inventory Spreadsheet gives you everything you need to track your content in a single location.

    Running an online business is no easy feat. At North Star, we aim to make sure your content marketing is designed so you can spend less time churning content and more time optimizing it.

    With our templates, tools, and resources, you can take the stress out of content marketing and focus on making strategic decisions that build relationships and help you hit your goals.