Professional support and guidance to make sure your content gets results.


If you enjoy creating your own content, that’s awesome!

Yes, content creation takes time. Yes, it takes energy. But it also can fill you up! (Or perhaps outsourcing doesn’t make sense right now.)

Unfortunately, you keep finding yourself running into the same walls. You’re…

  • At the whim of a muse who keeps taking vacation (Which makes it really hard to get excited about writing).
  • Not sure what’s working and what isn’t (Making it hard to optimize the good stuff and ditch everything else).
  • Pining for a clear roadmap for content that helps you hit your goals (It feels like going back to the drawing board every single time).
  • Struggling to tell whether your content is designed in a way to attract your audience, build relationships, and lead to sales (Why are there so many rules for copywriting?!).

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Unfortunately, “professional copywriter” or “content strategist” isn’t one you’re totally confident with.

And considering the amount of time and energy you spend on content… you want to make sure the content you create actually does its job.


You’d love to have experienced eyes on your latest sales page, email sequence, or social media campaign. That way, you can make sure it speaks to your audience, follows copywriting best practices, and is optimized for your goals.

It’d be a dream to have a brainstorming buddy with serious content marketing chops who could help you create a content roadmap… so you don’t have to struggle to think of what to write in the moment.

And what about all that data? Open rates, click-through rates, page visits, conversions… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down and go through all those numbers with a pro to turn them into a tangible content plan for improving results?

That way, you can:

  • Create content that supports you, regardless of whether your muse showed up for work or not (So you can stay present without feeling overwhelmed.).
  • Know which content supports you and which content doesn’t (So you can double down on what your audience wants, needs, and listens to.).
  • Have a crystal-clear idea of what content you’re creating and how it helps you hit your goals, and (Having a plan of attack never felt so good.)
  • Know that every word is focused, follows copywriting best practices, and reflects your authentic voice (Without having to memorize a bunch of arbitrary rules.).


HERE’S THE SCOOP (mint chocolate chip, please!)

Sometimes you need an expert to call on. 

You don’t mind writing content (or handing it off to your team), but you want to know you’re on the right path.

Our consulting packages give you access to a professional content marketer and copywriter in a consulting capacity. We’ll provide you with detailed feedback and support, a container for brainstorming, and the ability to dig into your data and make strategic content decisions (so you’re not left wondering whether your content works or not).


Content Strategy Intensive

A clear content roadmap for your next launch, program, or initiative.

You deserve a content plan that inspires you, helps you connect with your audience, and serves your business. During your Content Strategy Intensive, you’ll talk through your long-term vision, immediate goals, and content conundrums. 

From there, you can rest easy, knowing you have the support of expert content strategists who will create an easy-to-follow content plan for the next 90 days. We’ll even tell you what existing content can get repurposed, so you’re not stuck in constant creation mode.

Starts at $2,497/month.

Content Strategy Retainer

Ongoing support for all your long-term content strategy needs.

Receive ongoing support around your content strategy. We’ll sit down for a quarterly planning session, where you’ll walk away with a detailed content roadmap. Afterwards, you’ll receive a monthly check in, where we evaluate what’s working and what needs tweaking. 

In addition, the content you create will receive a professional pass from our writers. You’ll get detailed revision suggestions to make sure your headlines hook readers, your CTAs encourage action, and your voice shines throughout.

Starts at $1,500/month.

“I am so grateful to have you all working with me on my business.  I really feel like I have people who understand my business and are helping me grow.  Thank you so much.”

— Tanya Gagnon, CEO of Miss Details

“North Star brings you through the fog into clarity around your content. I never realized how important messaging was, nor how to ensure I was getting it right until I worked with them. Five stars all the way.

— Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Co-Founder of Encore Empire


How do I know I’m a good fit?

If you want to keep content creation in-house, but are looking for objective feedback, you’re in the right place. Alternatively, our consulting services are a good fit for businesses who have a writing team that doesn’t provide content strategy. Our consulting support is all about creating a partnership where we focus on strategy and refinement, while you (or your team) do the actual writing. If you prefer us to write for you, please check out our copywriting services.

How long do these projects take?

It depends! Content Audits and Content Strategy Intensives can take as little as two weeks, from beginning to end. Retainers can vary more in their timeline, depending on how long you need support and what sort of content we’re collaborating on.

Who will I be working with?

We have an incredible team of talented content strategists. When you lock in your project, you’ll be assigned a content strategist and a project coordinator who will become your main point of contact throughout the project.

What sort of feedback and guidance can I expect?

We’ll talk through your goals early on to make sure you’re receiving the feedback that’s most supportive. We’ll focus on copywriting best practices, your strategic goals, Brand Voice, and any data you’ve collected to make sure you’re getting the most out of your copy and content plans.

How is this different from working with a business coach?

We’re focusing strictly on content marketing and copywriting. Our expertise is in taking your big plans and making sure your content helps make them a reality.

What if I want you to write the content, too?

We’d love to help! We offer VIP Done-For-You Copywriting Services where we’ll write the content itself. Keep in mind these are subject to our capacity, and we typically have at least a one-month waitlist of clients.

I was blown away by North Star’s attention to detail. Their holistic approach meant we could develop a strategy that took a lot of the pressure off me. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a content partner to grow their business.”

— Jackson Kingsley, Founder of Five Day Film School

“The process helped me gain more clarity around what I want to say to my audience and what my overall mission is for my business.”

— Tess Brigham, Therapist + Life Coach


Here at North Star, we believe content needs purpose.

Churning out endless content for its own sake won’t help you; in fact, it’s a recipe for burnout. 

We’ve been supporting business owners with strategic content creation since 2010. Whether it’s generating new ideas from scratch or triaging existing plans, our job is to make sure your content succeeds. 

From creating detailed launch plans to developing evergreen funnels and ongoing blog plans, we’ve been in the thick of content creation for years. And we’ve helped hundreds of business owners take control of their content, allowing them to increase their content creation efficiency and spend more time as CEOs.

Co-founders of North Star, Marie Parks + Jessi Honard.