Results-driven content starts with knowing your brand voice

Take the quiz to uncover your Copywriting Character

The only quiz you need to create a content strategy that allows you to:

Outsource more content without constantly rewriting everything (no more content burnout!)

Empower your team to replicate your distinct voice, cadence, and vision within your content.

Reclaim the time and energy you’ve spent on content and get back to running your business.

It all starts with our Copywriting Character Quiz.

This is the same method we’ve used for 12+ years to capture the voice of brands like yours, allowing them to optimize their content without sacrificing personality.

Kind words from happy quiz-takers

This is perhaps the best quiz on the internet. I got so much value from it that I can hardly believe it’s free. It has made a big difference for me and it’s been great to give it to my team.

Tara Newman

Take the epic Copywriting Character Quiz. It’s soooo good.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Words matter, and the Copywriting Character Quiz is a great way to find your own voice.

Lindsey Nelson

I see the Scholar in me come out all the time now!

Sharryn Ludlow

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Less Content Worry. More Content ROI.

Founded in 2010,  North Star Messaging + Strategy offers targeted, custom content strategy and copywriting support—all aligned with each client’s unique voice and business goals.

We know great content is nothing without a solid strategy behind it, which is why we offer content strategy consulting to help you identify your content bottlenecks, create roadmaps to overcome them, shore up and optimize your funnels, and increase your ROI.

If you’re ready to maximize results and create content that connects more effectively and authentically with your audience, let North Star be your strategic content compass. 

Get started with our Copywriting Character Quiz, a simple 10-question quiz that will help you gain greater clarity around your brand voice and content.

Because you’ve got clients to serve and an impact to make, and worrying about content shouldn’t hold you back.

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Take the quiz. Outsource your voice. Get back to business.

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