Your brand has its own unique voice.

Take the quiz and uncover your Copywriting Character.

It’s hard to outsource your content when you’re worried no one will sound like you.

But what if there were a way to… 

Outsource more content without constantly rewriting everything?

Empower your team to replicate your personality within your content?

Reclaim the time and energy you’ve spent on content and get back to what you do best?

It all starts with the Copywriting Character Quiz: the same method we use when capturing the voice of our own 6- and 7-figure clients.

What others have to say

This is perhaps the best quiz on the internet. I got so much value from it that I can hardly believe it’s free. It has made a big difference for me and it’s been great to give it to my team.

Tara Newman

Take the epic Copywriting Character Quiz. It’s soooo good.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Words matter, and the Copywriting Character Quiz is a great way to find your own voice.

Lindsey Nelson

I see the Scholar in me come out all the time now!

Sharryn Ludlow

Featured in

“No one got my voice until I worked with you.”

Jessi Honard + Marie Parks, the founders of North Star Messaging + Strategy, heard these words again and again with their clients. Business owners who had tried to outsource their content were frustrated. They’d been burned and, no matter what they did, ended up spending just as much time rewriting as they would have writing.

Until they worked with North Star. So what changed? Over the years, Jessi + Marie have developed a process around capturing and replicating your unique voice. And it all starts with the Copywriting Character Quiz, a simple 10-question quiz that gives you the tools you need to begin outsourcing your content without sacrificing your personality.

Every single client of North Star is required to take this quiz — and we want to share it with you, so you can outsource your own content with ease.

Because you’ve got important work to do, and nothing should hold you back.

Take the quiz. Outsource your voice. Get back to business.

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