we #ChangeTheStars by giving back.

One of our biggest values at North Star is contributing to our world and communities.

In addition to working exclusively with companies that give back, we donate to nonprofits, offer scholarships, and volunteer.

We are proud to make giving back a part of our business model, and we’re committed to inspiring others to do the same.

Philanthropy is talk-about-able.

So many business owners are afraid to talk about their philanthropic contributions even if it’s one of their primary values. To many, it feels too much like bragging.

We want to #changethestars around this conversation, and promote the benefits of discussing your charitable giving. When you do, you attract clients who share your values, and you increase your impact by allowing them to be part of the process.




Our Causes

We give to two different causes, both of which are near and dear to us:

Diversity + Inclusion

In 2022, we donated to Fulcrum, a nonprofit supporting LGBTQIA+ people in Ukraine.

In 2021, we asked our team to choose the LGBTQ+ focused nonprofits that are closest to their heart. We made donations to Brave TrailsThe Ace and Aro Advocacy ProjectKaleidoscope Youth CenterTGCRNM, and The Trevor Project in honor of our team.

In 2020, became corporate sponsors for Big City Mountaineers, an inclusive 501(c)(3) nonprofit facilitating outdoor exploration for under-resourced kids through transformative mentoring experiences.

In 2019, we donated to the Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship Fund, supporting authors from diverse backgrounds.

The Environment + Planet Earth

In 2020 and 2021, we donated to the National Forest Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that spearheads a U.S.A.-wide reforestation effort that helps restore wildlife habitats, make our country greener, and combat climate change.

Our gifts to Brave Trails and Big City Mountaineers also supported the environment in a less direct way. Their outdoor leadership training supports LGBTQ+ kids and students from disinvested communities, helping them become greater leaders and more invested in nature and the outdoors.

In 2019, for every 1,000 words of copy we produced for our clients, we planted a tree with the National Forest Foundation.

Learn more about the organizations we’ve recently supported.

Brave Trails

Summer camps and other programs, where LGBTQ youth find their people, place, and passion.

Big City Mountaineers

Inspiring meaningful connection + breaking down barriers to outdoor access for disinvested youth.

National Forest Foundation

Addressing critical reforestation needs + connecting people to America’s National Forests.


Providing support, relief, and equal rights for LGBTQIA+ people living in Ukraine.

DEI, Anti-Racism, and Activism

In 2020, we issued a public statement about our support of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as our commitment to anti-racism and anti-discrimination. We’re not content to let that statement be nothing more than words, so we’re following it up with the following actions. We have:

Issued an official anti-racism stance.

Required all new clients to agree to our anti-racism stance.

Joined and have become an active learner in a DEI membership community.

Hired a DEI expert to consult on various business and non-business projects and topics.

Committed to speaking out more regularly about injustice on our personal and business platforms.

Helped remove barriers to voting for our team, including making voting day a paid company holiday.

Adjusted our hiring processes to be more inclusive and equitable.

Evaluated our #ChangeTheStars model to promote more diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

Edited our contracts to include a clear reflection of our DEI values.

Since we committed to being transparent, we want to share our process with you.
There’s more to come, because this is a life-long commitment. Stay tuned!

Learn more about how you can #ChangeTheStars.

If you have a platform, you have a voice, and your message and words {or your silence} have an impact. 

Want to know how to incorporate {and talk about} a give-back strategy in your business?

We’ve put together an easy guide for you: