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Dr. Sonia Chopra has been working with North Star Messaging + Strategy to develop her content plan since 2017. She’s a board-certified endodontist, business owner, and founder of E-School, an online endodontic continuing education program for general dentists.

After a caring endodontist saved her tooth following years of pain and misdiagnoses, she was inspired to follow in his footsteps and become a practicing endodontist herself.

Now, Dr. Chopra empowers both patients and dentists through a combination of education and empathy. Content strategy allows her to build her brand, audience, and bottom line.

Case Study Highlights


  • Find a trusted partner in content strategy and creation
  • Uplevel blog content to be more engaging and consistent
  • Create a compelling website with brand-aligned messaging
  • Develop a content plan that attracts, nurtures, and converts


  • Create a website that both educates and generates leads for her course
  • Develop a workflow for her blog to offer more regular and engaging content to her audience
  • Create a content plan for her Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 
  • Use data to optimize her content and increase conversions


  • Grew her email list, online following, and revenue substantially 
  • Successfully launched her online course with 38 enrollments for the first cohort
  • Reinvested in her business with the course profits
  • Improved and expanded on her course to include coaching, membership, and live course options
  • Increased her course enrollments to two times a year, with six-figure launches each time
  • Has enrolled thousands of students in her award-winning course, which has been translated and offered in multiple countries

Background: A Growing Practice with Potential

In 2016, Dr. Sonia Chopra was running a successful endodontic practice—or at least that’s what it looked like from the outside. On the inside,  Dr. Chopra was overwhelmed and burnt out. Despite opening her own practice to improve the lives of her patients, she felt completely bogged down in her business. 

Looking back on that time, Dr. Chopra explains:

That isn’t what I did this for. I didn’t do this to have this messy business—I did this to heal and help people.

Dr. Chopra knew she had the potential for more, but she wasn’t sure how to get there—nor did she feel she had the time. She just didn’t see how it was possible to focus on her vision of educating and empowering dentists when running her practice required all her time and attention.

It was only through divine intervention that Dr. Chopra realized she had to do something differently. Through reading and self-reflection, she came to the understanding that the best way to move forward was to simply take the first step. So, she decided to start a blog, where she could start educating dentists on the importance of endodontics.

Challenge: Find a Strategist Who Could Take Her Content Plan to the Next Level

Although starting her blog was a great initial step, Dr. Chopra knew she couldn’t bring her vision to life alone. As an expert in her field, she had more than enough knowledge to create valuable, educational content for her audience—but she didn’t know much about digital marketing strategy.

Dr. Chopra explains:

I like writing, but I’m also a dentist. I needed someone to polish me up and make my content effective.

To connect with her audience and build awareness of her brand, Dr. Chopra needed to find a writer and strategist who could not only capture her personality, but also help her use her content to accomplish her goal of bringing endodontics into the realm of general dentistry.

In particular, Dr. Chopra wanted to find a trusted partner to uplevel her blog content, create a compelling website, and develop a content plan that could attract, nurture, and convert her audience into students of an online endodontics course she was in the process of developing.

Fortunately, in 2017, Dr. Chopra found the perfect fit in North Star Messaging + Strategy and our dedicated team of strategists who help business owners take control of their content with results-driven content creation and strategy. Our ability to flawlessly capture exactly who she was was what sold her on the partnership.

An image of Sonia Chopra standing in her lab coat with her arms folded. She's smiling at the camera. Working with North Star on her content strategy plans, Dr. Chopra was able to create multiple successful launches of her program.

Dr. Chopra wanted a trusted partner to uplevel her content.

Says Dr. Chopra of her revelation after teaming up with North Star:

I’m not just a root canal specialist—I’m a mother, an entrepreneur, a spiritual person, so many things. That’s the voice I wanted to put out there.

Solution: Post Consistent and Aligned Content That Builds Trust and Increases Conversions

North Star’s collaboration with Dr. Chopra involved a combination of one-off projects and ongoing content strategy. Because she was developing an online endodontics course, the first order of business was to get her website up and running. That way, Dr. Chopra’s audience would have a place where they could learn more about her, as well as join the waitlist for her upcoming course.

In addition, Dr. Chopra and North Star developed a blogging workflow to offer more consistent and engaging content to her audience. Rather than North Star writing all posts, we developed a plan to edit Sonia’s clinical content and then write non-clinical posts based on podcast interviews and other conversations. As an added benefit, the blog posts would help attract and nurture a larger audience for the launch of her course.

To build on the foundation of brand awareness created by Dr. Chopra’s blog, North Star also helped her create content for her social media accounts—including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn—using data to inform their strategy. Results-driven content is one of our specialities, and Dr. Chopra was 100% on board.

Speaking of the impact of data on her content, she explains:

I love being able to see in real time what the data is telling me and how we can make quick changes and pivots to optimize the business.

Results: A Successful Course Launch That Transformed Her Industry

Thanks to regular, engaging content, and the creation of a compelling sales page, the launch of her online endodontics course, E-School, was an enormous success. She was able to grow her email list substantially in advance of the launch, which resulted in a first cohort of 30 students and enough profit to pay her team and then some.

Dr. Chopra explains of her launch’s success:

I not only paid back everyone who worked on the project, but also had more money to reinvest into the business.

Following this substantial achievement, Dr. Chopra had the confidence, time, and financial resources to improve and expand on her online endodontics course. She not only added a coaching component, but also a membership and live, in-person version for students who learn better through hands-on work. 

Dr. Chopra says about her course’s evolution and impact on the field of endodontics:

My course is the only live patient hands-on endodontic program in the US. These dentists are getting real-life experience they can’t get outside of dental school.

Since its initiation, E-School has grown to two six-figure launches annually, plus evergreen sales, with her sales page converting at 14% and the checkout page converting at 34%. The course has also been translated and sold in Japan and India.

In addition to the success of her course, Dr. Chopra has also seen incredible growth in her email list and online community, thanks to her collaboration with North Star in generating regular, engaging content.

Her list is now up to 17,000 with open rates regularly in the 30-50% range. Her blog draws in over 16,000 monthly users, and her following online has grown to 13,000 on Instagram, 5,000 on Facebook, and 3,000 on LinkedIn.

Wearing a dark blue dress and standing in a patient room, Dr. Sonia Chopra has one hand on her hip and is smiling at the camera. Working with North Star on her content strategy plans, Dr. Chopra was able to create multiple successful launches of her program.

Since its initiation, E-School has grown to two six-figure launches annually, plus evergreen sales.

Speaking to what she’s learned along the way, Dr. Chopra says:

The consistency with the blog, the emails, and the socials—it’s all necessary. Having all those key components is important.

Overall, Dr. Chopra’s collaboration with North Star and the rest of her team has led to a fully-fledged and continually optimized customer journey with high-quality free content, compelling opt-ins with email funnels that generate sales, a valuable continuing education course, and thriving upsell and downsell offers. 

Although she began her journey as a successful endodontist, Dr. Chopra has transformed into a visionary CEO through hard work, determination, and support from a team of content writers and strategists she can trust. She couldn’t be happier with the results she’s seen and couldn’t imagine running a business without North Star by her side.

Reflecting on the journey, Dr. Chopra exclaims:

Working with you has been easy—I don’t ever want you to leave me!

Create a Content Plan That Gets Results

Want to take back control of your content and end burnout, once and for all? With North Star’s results-driven content strategy services, you can create content that helps you connect with your audience, generate leads, and hit your goals—without sacrificing your personality, creativity, or passion.

One of the best things I ever did to understand my brand is get the help of North Star.

-Sonia Chopra, DDS

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