Brand Voice Intensive

The ultimate playbook to your brand’s personality.

A comprehensive, four-phase  program designed to give your current {or future} team the tools they need to sound like you in everything they create… so you can outsource content creation without losing authenticity or results.

Is endless content creation + failed outsourcing holding you back?

Every business needs content. But content creation takes time. 

As a small biz owner, all that work often falls to you. In fact, content creation is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business. 

😥 You frequently skip out on emailing your list and updating your social accounts, because you have so much else going on.

😩 You push new ideas to the back burner, because you don’t have enough time to focus on them and write that new blog series.

😠 You can’t keep up with all the new “best practices” for content creation, and you’re ready to throw your hands in the air and give up.

You didn’t start your business to spend all your time buried beneath content demands. And owning a business shouldn’t require a degree in content marketing.

When you spend all of your valuable CEO energy staring at a Google Doc, that can really impact your growth.

What about hiring an experienced writer, you say?

Image of the Mandalorian with the text 'This is the way'

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as telling someone {even a pro} to “go write everything!”

If you’ve ever had a writer experience that left you feeling meh, you probably know what we mean.

Writers, unfortunately, haven’t mastered the Jedi trick of mind reading {yet! We’re working on it}. 

No matter how experienced your writer is, if you don’t give them a peek inside your head, they’ll struggle to deliver aligned content.

And it’s frustrating. 

Because you want to outsource your content. You know this content conundrum is costing you valuable time and energy. Not to mention potential dollars on the table.

What if you could give your writer the tools to read your mind?

You need a writer who knows exactly what you’d say… and how you’d say it.

If you could manage that, you’d finally step out of the constant churn of writing and editing.

You could get back to doing what you do best, while also…

…increasing your visibility to new platforms and outlets.

…drawing in new leads without doing more work.

…nurturing existing relationships through aligned content.

With a trusted writer waiting in the wings, you could show up in more places at once, while putting your focus on what matters most.

But you can’t escape endless content creation unless your writer knows how to become a content chameleon.

Hiring a writer should feel like cloning yourself.

No, we don’t mean Boba Fett style. We mean giving your writer access to your brand’s unique voice, so they can replicate your communication style throughout content.

You document your logo. Your fonts. Your brand colors.

But do you document the way you want your brand to communicate?

Most writers-for-hire come armed with a deep understanding of how to create compelling, strategic copy. But they don’t come with an immediate understanding of the unique words, phrases, and turns-of-phrase that make your brand… you.

That’s where a Brand Voice Intensive + Guide comes in.

When you give us 90 minutes of your time, we’ll give you the keys to handing over your brand’s unique communication style. 🔑

When you capture and document your Brand Voice, you’re finally able to…

…step out of content creation once and for all, without sacrificing visibility, authenticity, or results.

…reduce or even eliminate editing time, knowing you have a writer you can count on.

…give your entire team a greater understanding of your company’s voice, vision, and values, so they can represent the business at the drop of a hat.

…set yourself up for more growth than ever, knowing your content is reaching the right people, sharing your powerful stories, and nurturing quality relationships.

“North Star understood my voice on such a deep level that it brought me to tears. They were able to capture my story and essence in every word.”

Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach, Full-Frontal Living

Are you ready to create the playbook to your brand’s personality?

True growth means setting your business up with a team you can rely on. But to do that, you need to give them the resources to succeed.

With the results of your Brand Voice Intensive, you’ll have everything you need to let your writer lead the content charge.

Your Brand Voice Intensive includes:



You’ll be paired with two expert Brand Voice consultants who are trained in extracting and capturing your brand’s unique personality and communication style. 


Your Brand Voice consultants will familiarize themselves with your brand. You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire, and your team will begin digging into your past content to look for common themes and trends.


This is the crux of the experience! Your Brand Voice consultants will host a 90-minute interview where they’ll ask you targeted questions about your business’ current and long-term vision, core values, communication choices, brand stories, and more.

All you have to do is show up ready to be open and answer questions honestly. Our team will do the rest!



Combining the questionnaire, research, and interview responses, your Brand Voice consultants will create a personalized Brand Voice Guide. This central resource will dig into the three essential areas of your business all writers need to know:

  • Core Messaging: It’s important for a writer to understand the foundation of your brand. Core Messaging covers the mission, vision, audience, values, and content topics of your brand.
  • Core Story Starters: Storytelling allows for deep connection with your audience. The Story Starters included in your Brand Voice Guide will give writers the tools they need to paint vivid pictures of your own personal experiences.
  • Core Voice: The specific style and tone of the content, from words and phrases you use to your brand’s communication archetype. This allows your writer to tap into the nuance of your voice.


Your Brand Voice Guide needs to represent your business fully and authentically. That’s why we invite you {and your own team} to provide up to two rounds of revision requests on the Guide created by your Brand Voice consultants. This allows you to give any additional context and feedback to make sure the Guide is ready for action!

Once finalized, your Brand Voice Guide will be delivered in a Google Doc, so it can continue to grow and evolve with your company.



In addition to your completed Brand Voice Guide, you’ll receive a personalized walk-through of the document. This resource will allow any of your team members to quickly familiarize themselves with the guide and how to use it in content creation.


Once your Guide is finalized, your Brand Voice consultants will invite you to sign up for a 30-minute Implementation Call. This session is your chance to ask any questions about putting the guide into action. Feel free to invite any of your team members who may be using the Guide!



We won’t leave you hanging! After your Implementation Call, your Brand Voice consultants will be on hand for 30 days. During that time, they’re available to help answer questions you or your writers have about implementing or updating your Brand Voice Guide.


We know teams shift and evolve over time. That’s why you’ll also gain access to tools to help your writer for implement your guide, including: 

  • How to Outsource Content Guide
  • Writer Checklist for Content Creation

Typically, our Brand Voice Intensive costs as much as $9,997.





“I’m awed. The Brand Voice Guide reflects your attention to subtlety and ability to integrate little details into a cohesive whole that shows someone thoughtful, professional, and overwhelmingly competent. And then I had to remind myself that someone was me!”

Michelle Weiss Kegel

Therapist & Wedding Officiant, The Well-Tied Knot

“We’ve always equipped our clients with visual branding guides. It wasn’t until we encountered North Star that we realized we were missing a huge piece. The Brand Voice Process is critical to implementing the client’s full brand. It’s also critical for our clients, allowing them to articulate the voice of their brand to their internal teams and anyone they work with.”

Brandy Lawson

CEO, FieryFX

We’re here to help your personality shine.

Hi, we’re Jessi + Marie! 👋 

After more than a decade in the content creation business, we believe in the power of strategic, personality-driven content. Your voice is unique. It draws people in. It leads to connection and, ultimately, conversion.

And we believe every business owner should have the tools to document their unique voice… so they can outsource content with confidence.

From blog posts to emails to sales pages… your content is a direct line to your audience. You want it to sound authentic, and you don’t want to be stuck writing it for all eternity.

That’s why we’ve developed the Brand Voice Process. It’s your ticket to stepping out of content creation, without sacrificing personality along the way.

When you book your Brand Voice Intensive, you’ll be assigned an experienced Brand Voice consultant. 

Each of our consultants have been trained in our process and knows exactly how to extract your unique communication style.

Ready to get started?

“I couldn’t be happier.  North Star put together my Brand Voice and made me proud of the company I’ve built and continue to grow.”

Heather Gaida

Founder, Trusty Tails

When it comes to content creation, you have a choice.

You could continue churning out content on your own.

You could hire a writer and hope they sound exactly like you right out of the gate.

Jyn Erso from Rogue One saying, "Tell me you have a backup plan" to Cassian Andor.

Or… you could put together a comprehensive guide for your communication style and brand personality, so you KNOW your writer has everything they need to succeed. 🎉🎉🎉 (Hint: do this one!)

You might have a few questions…


Does every business need a Brand Voice Intensive?

Not right away. If you’re brand new to business and still figuring out your message, it’s too early to capture your Brand Voice. We recommend spending some time really getting to know your audience and your offers before you dig into the Brand Voice Process. Most of our clients have been in business at least 1 year and are experiencing consistent sales.


How do I know if I need a Brand Voice Intensive?

It’s time for a Brand Voice Intensive if:

  • You’re thinking about outsourcing your content.
  • You’ve tried to outsource your content in the past, and it hasn’t quite worked out.
  • You’re creating tons of content yourself, and it feels scattered and exhausting.

Is a Brand Voice Intensive only for CEOs who are looking for writers?

No! The information gathered from your Brand Voice Intensive is helpful for anyone who touches your content. This includes writers, of course, but it also might include a VA, ads strategist, branding expert, or business coach.

The Brand Voice Guide you receive is designed to be a central resource for your business, and is something everyone on your team should familiarize themselves with.

It can also be helpful for you, to help you get more clarity on your content, messaging, and content pillars.


Why is the Brand Voice Guide delivered in a Google Doc?

Your brand isn’t static, so neither is your Brand Voice Guide. We deliver it in a Google Doc because we recommend revisiting it and updating it as your brand continues to evolve and change.

In fact, in a perfect world, your writing team would take a look at the Guide once a year to make updates.


What happens after I get my Brand Voice Guide? How do I make sure I actually use it?

Great question, and we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve had your Intensive and finalized your Guide, your Implementation period will begin.

During this period you’ll have a chance to ask your team questions, get feedback on how your Brand Voice shows up in content, and train your writers.

The best way to get the most out of your Brand Voice Guide is by making sure team members have access to the Guide and writers are integrating it into their writing process {we have tools to help them do that, don’t worry!}.


I'm still planning to do most of my own writing. Is this process still helpful?

Yes! As long as your business is far enough along that you have a solid sense of who your audience is, this process will be helpful.

Even if you’re still doing your own content creation, our clients have raved about how clarifying the Brand Voice Intensive is for them and their brand.

If you feel like your writing is disconnected, sporadic, or unfocused, a Brand Voice Intensive will give you the tools you need to create consistency.


I already have a team. Can they go through the Intensive process with me?

Your existing team is absolutely invited to take part in the process! They’re welcome to attend the Intensive, contribute to the Guide, and participate in the Implementation period.

That said, we also require the CEO and/or main decision maker for the company to be present at the Intensive meeting. We know you’re busy, but the 90-minutes you set aside for your Intensive will make a huge difference.


I don't have a team, but I'd like one. Can I outsource to you?

Sure, we can talk about that. We do offer content creation services to select clients. Just let us know you’re interested in chatting about a content retainer after you’ve booked your Intensive.


Isn't it my writer's responsibility to figure out my Brand Voice?

In a perfect world, your team members would intuitively know how to sound like you, act like you, and create content like you.

But the truth is… you’re a unique individual, and it’s impossible for someone to live inside your head. So while it’s on the writer to bring their top-notch writing skills to the table, it’s up to you, the CEO, to make sure they know what you’re thinking and how you’re communicating.

Over the years, we’ve found that the business owners who take the time to share their Brand Voice with their team wind up with longer lasting, more successful relationships with their writers. 

You want your team to run smoothly, right? That means giving them the resources they need to represent your business. Brand Voice is a huge piece of that puzzle.

It’s time to set your team up for success.

“Holy shit, you guys nailed it. I got goosebumps reading my Brand Voice Guide. I feel… gotten. And grateful.”

Ken Blackman

Relationship Coach

Don’t miss your chance to delegate content creation, once and for all.

It’s time to break the cycle of endless content churning. As a business owner, the fastest way to success is clearing your plate to focus on strategic growth.

When you go through a Brand Voice Intensive you’re not just documenting your Brand Voice. 

You’re giving yourself the ability to step fully into the role of visionary, knowing that you have a team of competent content creators behind you.

If you’re ready to give your writer the keys to your content, we’re ready to help.

Yoda saying "Do or do not, there is no try."

“Ahhh I am so over the moon about my Brand Voice Guide! Thank you so much, I love it and it’s beyond my expectations!”

Theresa Truong

CEO, Loop Link