Brand Voice Intensive

The ultimate playbook to your brand’s personality.

A comprehensive program designed to give your current {or future} team the tools they need to sound like you in everything they create… so you can outsource content creation without losing authenticity or results.

Your Brand Voice Intensive follows a proven, four-phase process that allows you or your writer to create personality-driven, strategic content.

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The tools you need to outsource with confidence.

A Brand Voice Guide is the most important tool you can have when outsourcing your content. Through your Intensive, you’ll clarify the way you communicate with your audience, from the words you use to the stories you tell.

Our process sets you up for outsourcing success, whether you have an established team or are dreaming of hiring your first writer.

Your Brand Voice Intensive includes:


You’ll be paired with two expert Brand Voice consultants who are trained in extracting and capturing your brand’s unique personality and communication style. 


Your Brand Voice consultants will familiarize themselves with your brand. You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire, and your team will begin digging into your past content to look for common themes and trends.


This is the crux of the experience! Your Brand Voice consultants will host a 90-minute interview where they’ll ask you targeted questions about your business’ current and long-term vision, core values, communication choices, brand stories, and more.

All you have to do is show up ready to be open and answer questions honestly. Our team will do the rest!


Combining the questionnaire, research, and interview responses, your Brand Voice consultants will create a personalized Brand Voice Guide. This central resource will dig into the three essential areas of your business all writers need to know:

  • Core Messaging: It’s important for a writer to understand the foundation of your brand. Core Messaging covers the mission, vision, audience, values, and content topics of your brand.
  • Core Story Starters: Storytelling allows for deep connection with your audience. The Story Starters included in your Brand Voice Guide will give writers the tools they need to paint vivid pictures of your own personal experiences.
  • Core Voice: The specific style and tone of the content, from words and phrases you use to your brand’s communication archetype. This allows your writer to tap into the nuance of your voice.


Your Brand Voice Guide needs to represent your business fully and authentically. That’s why we invite you {and your own team} to provide up to two rounds of revision requests on the Guide created by your Brand Voice consultants. This allows you to give any additional context and feedback to make sure the Guide is ready for action!

Once finalized, your Brand Voice Guide will be delivered in a Google Doc, so it can continue to grow and evolve with your company.


In addition to your completed Brand Voice Guide, you’ll receive a personalized walk-through of the document. This resource will allow any of your team members to quickly familiarize themselves with the guide and how to use it in content creation.


Once your Guide is finalized, your Brand Voice consultants will invite you to sign up for a 30-minute Implementation Call. This session is your chance to ask any questions about putting the guide into action. Feel free to invite any of your team members who may be using the Guide!


We won’t leave you hanging! After your Implementation Call, your Brand Voice consultants will be on hand for 30 days. During that time, they’re available to help answer questions you or your writers have about implementing or updating your Brand Voice Guide.


We know teams shift and evolve over time. That’s why you’ll also gain access to tools to help your writer for implement your guide, including:

  • How to Outsource Content Guide
  • Writer Checklist for Content Creation

    Typically, a Brand Voice Intensive costs as much as $9,997.


    ONE PAYMENT OF $1,997



    In addition, we want to give your team the strategic tools they need to succeed. So we’re also going to give you exclusive access to a series of templates and workbooks designed to make content creation a breeze. 

    Once your Brand Voice is documented and finalized, your or your writer can use these tools to help create content:

    A copywriter's guide to compelling copy


    Update your entire website to have a cohesive, personality-driven voice with:

    • Home Page Template
    • About Page Template
    • Services Page Template
    • Blog Template
    • Shop Template
    • Samples and How-To Guides

    Value: $497

      North Star Launch Templates


      Launches come with mountains of content demands. These fill-in-the-blank templates help you plan and execute on your launch copy with:

      • Sales page templates
      • Email sequence templates
      • Social media post templates
      • Press release templates
      • Samples & resource guides

      Total Value: $497


      ONE PAYMENT OF $1,997

      Plus, when you sign up by 11:59pm Pacific on April 12, you’ll receive…

      Blue background with the word 'Feedback'


      Experience your new Brand Voice Guide in action! Once your Brand Voice Guide is complete, your consultant team will review up to 3 pieces of existing content and provide detailed feedback to align it more closely with your Brand Voice.

      Value: $1,997

      “I’m awed. The Brand Voice Guide reflects your attention to subtlety and ability to integrate little details into a cohesive whole that shows someone thoughtful, professional, and overwhelmingly competent. And then I had to remind myself that someone was me!”

      Michelle Weiss Kegel

      Therapist & Wedding Officiant, The Well-Tied Knot

      “Holy shit, you guys nailed it. I got goosebumps reading this. I feel… gotten. And grateful.”

      Ken Blackman

      Relationship Coach

      “We’ve always equipped our clients with visual branding guides. It wasn’t until we encountered North Star that we realized we were missing a huge piece. The Brand Voice Process is critical to implementing the client’s full brand. It’s also critical for our clients, allowing them to articulate the voice of their brand to their internal teams and anyone they work with.”

      Brandy Lawson

      CEO, FieryFX

      “Ahhh I am so over the moon about my Brand Voice Guide! Thank you so much, I love it and it’s beyond my expectations!”

      Theresa Truong

      CEO, Loop Link

      “North Star understood my voice on such a deep level that it brought me to tears. They were able to capture my story and essence in every word.”

      Lisa Carpenter

      Master Couch, Full-Frontal Living

      “I couldn’t be happier.  North Star put together my Brand Voice and made me proud of the company I’ve built and continue to grow.”

      Heather Gaida

      Founder, Trusty Tails

      We’re here to help your personality shine.

      Hi, we’re Jessi + Marie! 👋 

      After more than a decade in the content creation business, we believe in the power of strategic, personality-driven content. Your voice is unique. It draws people in. It leads to connection and, ultimately, conversion.

      And we believe every business owner should have the tools to document their unique voice… so they can outsource content with confidence.

      From blog posts to emails to sales pages… your content is a direct line to your audience. You want it to sound authentic, and you don’t want to be stuck writing it for all eternity.

      That’s why we’ve developed the Brand Voice Process. It’s your ticket to stepping out of content creation, without sacrificing personality along the way.

      Don’t miss your chance to delegate content creation, once and for all.

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