Clarify your message and capture your voice, so you can create authentic, personality-driven content that hits your strategic goals.




You’re buried in content creation, your message feels scattered, and you don’t know what to do.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that small businesses spend up to 50% of their time on content marketing each week.

Fifty. Percent. Yikes.

All of those emails, blog posts, website updates, and social media posts are supposed to help you connect with your audience, sell your services, and scale your business. But is the content really working for you? Or do you need to  get people on the phone {or Zoom} before they truly get it?

The hard truth: You need a strong message that connects with your audience. You need a clear voice that helps people recognize your brand immediately. And you need to stop doing all of the work yourself, before you burn your sanity to the ground.

Otherwise, you’ll wind up with one of two problems {or both}:

Problem One

Your content is all over the place, which makes it infinitely harder for your audience to find you, connect with you, and buy from you.  As a result, it becomes hard to scale your business, launch new products, or reach new clients.

Problem Two

Outsourcing your content feels impossible. As a result, you wind up in the endless cycle of hiring out, then taking the work back for yourself because it’s “easier”. Cue total exhaustion and zero progress!

But figuring out your message and handing off content is easier said than done, right?

It sounds nice, but there’s plenty to be worried about. You’re…

  • Not sure the different pieces of your message can come together in a clear, cohesive way.
  • Worried that outsourcing content means sacrificing authenticity, especially if you ARE your brand.
  • Afraid no one can share your stories + way of communicating. After all, how the heck is anyone supposed to get into your head?
  • Feeling burned by past content outsourcing attempts that left you rewriting everything.
  • Ready to commit to content support, but know you need a strategy to make sure your team has the tools they need.

What if you could create a clear message and streamlined voice?

When you take the time to document your message + voice in the same way you document your colors, logos, and pictures, you’re able to:

Connect with your audience

When your message is clear, you open the door to high-quality, meaningful conversations with your target audience. You spend less time explaining how you help and more time actually helping.

Create compelling content

Hit your strategic goals with content that aligns with the pillars of your business and matches your unique voice, allowing your audience to build a genuine relationship with your brand.

Empower your team

Give your current or future team the tools they need to replicate your voice + personality without feeling like they’re taking a shot in the dark.

Outsource content + grow your impact

You can get back to your zone of genius while aligned content allows you to duplicate your expertise, showcase your innovative angles, and fulfil your vision.

Uncover what makes you stand out from the crowd with a Brand Voice Intensive.

No one blinks twice when it comes to documenting your visual brand. Photos. Colors. Logo. It’s all par for the course. But what about documenting how you communicate? You can’t create a cohesive brand without knowing how your brand sounds.

Consider the following questions:

  • What words and phrases does your brand use to sound unique?
  • What words does your brand avoid at all costs {and why}?
  • What topics does content cover {or avoid}, and how does that lead to a sale?
  • What core values are represented throughout your content, either directly or indirectly?
  • Which stories do you rely on to showcase your expertise, innovation, influence, and more?

If don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to start thinking about them. If you do know the answers, have you written them down somewhere, so you can use them to guide your content? Or as training materials for future team members? 

“My audience loves my new, clarified message. Everyone says it’s like I’m reading their mind.”

Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach

Every brand is unique, but they all rely on the same pieces.

A Brand Voice Intensive is a 90-minute interview designed to focus in on the core components of messaging + voice that allow you to build a bridge between how your audience communicates and how you communicate.

Your Brand Voice Intensive will use custom frameworks developed through 10+ years of work with hundreds of business owners. At the end, you’ll receive your very own Brand Voice Guide that documents your brand’s:

Communication Style

Clarify the high-level pieces of your brand’s message that make the difference between consistency and confusion. You’ll get crystal clear on your brand’s tone, personality, content pillars, and core values.

Messaging Wins

Highlight the phrases and micro-stories that amplify your brand’s message, and learn exactly when to use them to call your audience in. Your messaging wins provide quick and easy ways to explain what you do, how you do it, and why it matters.

Brand Voice

Dig into the nitty gritty of what makes your brand sound like you. You’ll unpack the words and phrases that best represent your vision and mission, as well as what words and phrases to avoid {and why}.

Core Stories

Words tell, stories sell. We’ll help you pinpoint the most powerful stories and anecdotes that will connect to your audience. These include stories that highlight your origin, purpose, innovative angle, expertise, and influence.

“I am awed. The Brand Voice Guide reflects your attention to subtlety and ability to integrate all of the little details into a cohesive whole that shows someone thoughtful, professional, and overwhelmingly competent. And then I had to remind myself that someone was me!”

Michelle Weiss Kagel

Therapist & Wedding Officiant, The Well-Tied Knot

“I couldn’t be happier.  The Brand Voice Guide I received after my intensive put together my brand and made me proud of the company I’ve built and created and continue to grow.”

Heather Gaida

Founder, Trusty Tails

“Ahhh I am so over the moon about this! Thank you so much, I love it and it’s beyond my expectations!”

Theresa Baretta

CEO, Loop Link

Capture your voice and outsource your content with confidence.

As your business shifts and evolves, you’ll likely have other people helping you out. Whether you have an existing team or are planning for future growth, we want to make sure they have what they need to create powerful, compelling content. That’s why, in addition to the Brand Voice Guide, you’ll also receive:


This brief guidebook will show you how to leverage your Brand Voice Guide with new and existing team members in a way that allows them to take over content production with confidence.


Integrate your Brand Voice into your content easily and effectively! This checklist gives you a clear process for integrating Brand Voice before, during, and after you create new content.


We won’t leave you hanging. To help you make sure your message is aligned and your voice is consistent, we’ll provide 30 days of Q&A support for you and your team.

“We’ve always equipped our clients with visual branding guides. It wasn’t until we encountered North Star that we realized we were missing a huge piece. The Brand Voice Guide is critical to our team being able to implement the client’s full brand in words, images, and visuals. It’s also critical for our clients, allowing them to articulate the voice of their brand to their internal teams and anyone they work with. We won’t do a client project without that Brand Voice Guide.”

Brandy Lawson

CEO, FieryFX

Are you ready to replace inconsistency with clarity?

Your Investment: $1,997

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“Holy shit, you guys nailed it. I got goosebumps reading this. I feel… gotten. And grateful.”

Ken Blackman

Relationship Coach at Powerful Woman, Confident Man