You know you’re spending too much time in content creation…

But you’re…

  • Worried that outsourcing content means sacrificing authenticity, especially if you ARE your brand.
  • Afraid no one can share your stories + way of communicating. After all, how the heck is anyone supposed to get into your head?
  • Feeling burned by past content outsourcing attempts that left you rewriting everything.
  • Ready to commit to content support, but know you need a strategy to make sure your team has the tools they need.

What would it look like to have a proven system for capturing your voice and handing it off to your team?

How much time could you regain? How much energy? It’s estimated that small businesses spend up to 50% of their time on content marketing each week.

Fifty. Percent. Yikes.

What if instead of spending your days buried by blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and #allthethings, you could hand off your content to a trusted team member? What if you could feel confident in that hand-off, knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your team member will NAIL your voice? That every single piece of content will be authentic to your brand, your experiences, and your relationship with your audience?

You can’t outsource your content if you don’t document your voice.


When you hire someone to help with your visual content, you hand over your brand photos, your brand colors, and your logo, right? No one blinks twice when it comes to documenting your visual brand.

But what about how you communicate? You can’t outsource your content without outsourcing your voice. And that means you have to document your voice. Otherwise you’re asking your writer to figure it out as they go along {not a solid business strategy}.

When you take the time to capture your voice, you can outsource your content without sacrificing authenticity.

Document your voice. Outsource your content.
It’s that easy.

Make it happen with a Brand Voice Intensive

When you document your voice, your team is prepared to take over content creation, so you don’t have to sacrifice visibility or sanity. Outsourcing your communication becomes as straightforward as outsourcing your visual brand.

When you work with the North Star team to document your voice, you’re able to…

  • Empower your team to replicate your voice + personality without feeling like they’re shooting in the dark.
  • Outsource content that grows your impact, while you get back to your zone of genius.
  • Duplicate your expertise, no matter how specific or niche it is, because it’s all recorded.
  • Connect with your audience more regularly {without sacrificing more time and energy}.

It was so helpful to get really clear on my brand story and see how I could incorporate it into my programming and content.

Ariel Frey

Business Coach

I am most excited that my new copy uniquely broadcasts my message to the world, without me having had to do the writing myself.

Samantha Alvarez

Sales Coach

Here’s how it works…

Every single brand is different. Your personality is what allows you to stand out from the crowd, connect with the right people, and close sales with clients you adore. You need to outsource all that uniqueness in a way that honors your authenticity. That’s why we host Brand Voice Intensives. Your Intensive is designed to dig into what makes your brand stand out — from the words you use to the stories you tell and everything in between.


Your Brand Voice Intensive Includes:

CAPTURE: 90-Minute Interview Session

We’ll sit down with you {and any key stakeholders from your team!} and ask targeted questions that get to the heart of your values and vision. All the while we’ll be building your Brand Voice in the background.

DELIVER: Brand Voice Guide

After your session, we’ll take what we’ve learned along with our own behind-the-scenes research and put it together. Within a week, you’ll receive a personalized Brand Voice Guide that includes everything that makes your brand unique, so your team can confidently create your content.

OUTSOURCE: 30 Days of Q&A Support

We won’t leave your team hanging. You’ll also receive a quick guide to handing off content in a way that feels good, as well as 30 days of Q&A support for you and your team.

Your Investment: $1297

My audience loves my new, clarified message. Everyone says it’s like I’m reading their mind.

Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach

North Star are experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, and also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop + outsource their own authentic voice.

Fiona Lynn

Executive Coach

At North Star, it all comes down to voice.

If you’re here, we’re willing to bet it’s because you’re tired. Tired of creating content, tired of failed attempts at handing off your content, and tired of retraining every new attempt.

Sometimes it probably feels easier to just do it yourself, right?

Except when you do it yourself, you’re leaving precious time and energy on the table — which COULD be spent making sales, connecting with your audience, and staying firmly in your zone of genius.

We understand that outsourcing content can feel like outsourcing the soul of your business. From blog posts to emails to sales pages… your content is a direct line to your audience. You want it to sound authentic.

That’s why we’ve developed our Brand Voice Intensive. It’s an answer to a far too common problem, created from almost 10 years of content marketing know-how that spans hundreds of businesses and dozens of industries.

The Brand Voice Intensive is designed to give CEOs the tools they need to outsource their content effectively.

And we practice what we preach. Every single one of our clients MUST go through a Brand Voice Intensive before we’ll write a single word of content for them.

It’s that important. And it works that well.

Ready to outsource your voice?