Have you found your true north?

Your vision might be clear as a day, or it may look like a whole lotta question marks. What’s important is that you have a deep, undeniable passion for making a difference. And the ability to communicate that through your message.


Overwhelmed by an oppressive workload, Jessi was disenchanted by her career as a high school English instructor. She wanted the freedom to use her teaching + marketing experience to empower others, with none of the bureaucracy (or the 5 am alarm clock).


Riding the hamster wheel of nonprofit grant writing, Marie was on the fast-track towards burnout. There was nothing better than working for causes she cared about, but she craved achievable goals, and she was ready to change the world on her own terms.

We decided to change our stars and start a business.

Admittedly, this wasn’t our most premeditated choice. We’d only been friends for six months and we had completely different writing strengths, but we figured we had nothing to lose. So we filed our paperwork and became entrepreneurs.

Excited by the prospect of building a successful business, we didn’t stop to consider the why behind it. Instead, we dove right in, saying “Yes” to every project, even projects we felt meh about.

Ever seen a compass spin when it’s near a strong magnet? That was us. We were all over the place. Instead of attracting clients we loved and taking on projects we were passionate about we were more burned out than before — and now we didn’t even have a steady paycheck. We’d hit the trail hard, but forgotten our map.

We realigned our business around what matters most.

Our “aha” moment was inspired by our clients. They were crazy-passionate about their work and wanted to use their their story to grow their business, expand their positive impact, and increase their bottom line.

To do this, they needed help expressing the heart and soul of their business. That’s how we realized it was about more than writing copy. It was about the message behind the copy. It was about their true north.

As we worked with our clients, we finally got clear on who we were, too. We’d allowed our why to get buried beneath to-do lists and meetings. But as we discovered how to communicate our all-important why, our business flourished. We were attracting more clients we loved and our revenue grew to record highs. We even began to build a team.

From overburdened copywriters to full-blown messaging strategists, we’ve completely transformed our business and made room for our nerdtastic personalities to shine. With our team of fellow writers and strategists we’ve been able to expand our reach and help even more business owners like you achieve their mission.

Plus, we’ve made it a priority to give back, focusing on contributing a portion of every sale to promoting literacy around the world. We’ve honed in on our true purpose, and now we help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs do the same.

Messaging + Strategy are twin stars in the constellation of your business.

Messaging is how you express your core vision — that driving force, that north star that keeps you pumped. Strategy is how you share that message in a way that targets the right people in the right way. It’s how you grow a business that feels authentic and 100% you.

Without messaging + strategy, your audience can’t connect the dots. But when they shine bright, you capture hearts and create the change you want to see in the world.

Your greatest business asset is yourself, and your messaging should reflect that. When you invest in messaging strategy, you invest in your business, increase your bottom line, and turn your vision into reality.

That’s how you change the world.


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