Does your message reflect your true north?

You’re an established business owner, and that means your message has shifted over time. We’ll help you refine your brand voice, connect with your audience, and share your powerful message through clear, personality-driven content.

We’ve walked this path.

Since 2010, we’ve supported successful businesses in sharing their message with their audience. From personal brands to nonprofit organizations and universities, we work with thought leaders and entrepreneurs to develop strategic messaging, hone their brand voice, and create compelling content.

North Star Messaging + Strategy is a full-service messaging and copywriting agency. Our talented writers are trained in the North Star way, and each of us treasures our amazing clients.


We serve successful thought leaders, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, agencies, universities, and nonprofits. Our clients are blazing new trails in their industries, changing conversations, and creating a lasting and positive impact on the world.

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Jessi Honard, Co-CEO

Jessi kicked off her career as a high school teacher and then moved into marketing. Her writing has found its way into the pages of magazines and onto the walls of museums, and she’s passionate about sharing the power of clear messaging and strategic content with the world.

Since co-founding North Star with her hiking buddy, Marie, Jessi has helped countless business leaders hone their messaging in a way that fits their needs and connects deeply with their audience. She advocates for the power of clear strategy, concise language, and a solid dose of authenticity and realness.

Marie Parks, Co-CEO

Marie got her professional start in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, where she learned to merge heart and logic in her writing. She’s carried those skills to North Star, along with the values of respect, transparency, and communication.  

Call her a romantic (or a nerd!), but Marie believes the pen is mightier than the sword. Messaging has the power to drive thought leadership. When we showcase our expertise, innovation, and influence, we inspire growth in others and ourselves. This is the crux of what she teaches through speaking engagements, courses, and workshops.

Brigid Ward, COO

Passionate, energetic, and full of strategic ideas, Brigid keeps the engines of North Star running. An invaluable member of the team, she gets the job done, whether it’s ensuring workflows are flowing, figuring out the techy bits of a program, or onboarding team members. A wife and mom, when she’s not at her computer she’s cheering them on at soccer or waterpolo or sneaking in a date night with her husband.

Mary Grace Miller, Content Writer

Mary Grace Miller brings her experience as an ESL teacher and National Board Certified teacher to her content. An astute writer, she supports our academically-leaning clients  with content that speaks to the nuances of the education industry. She enjoys leveraging her education background to create content that helps students and their families navigate complicated school systems.

Erin Venable, Content Writer

Erin brings over 10 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience to North Star. The passion of her life is getting the right message to the right audience. When it comes to copy, you name it, she’s done it: Radio spots, company newsletters, ad copy, website copy, lead gen e-mails, social media posts, speeches, and more.

Maggie Grimason, Content Writer

Maggie is a lifelong lover of the written word. From the time she could hold a pencil, she’s been scribbling stories, and since she learned to read, she has almost always had a book in her backpack, handbag, or back pocket. She’s written for many fields—from travel pieces to science journalism, grants, ad copy, creative nonfiction and even some poetry.

Josh Verlin, Content Writer

After spending most of the last decade  as a sportswriter, Josh brings his experience as an interviewer, writer, and successful entrepreneur to North Star. Currently a resident of Philadelphia, Josh lives with his fiancée Aurora and their two cats, Luke and Dinah. When they’re not out on road trips or exploring the city, they can often be found watching movies, Michael Schur comedies {Parks & Rec, The Good Place, Brooklyn 99}, + Survivor.

Natalee Walker, Content Writer

Natalee is a writer turned social, digital and content marketing pro, who moonlights as a poet.  She has experience across the technology, franchise, and higher education industries. Natalee is based in Chicago and absolutely believes deep dish is the superior pizza. Guilty pleasures include live tweeting her favorite TV shows (GoT anyone?), posting sushi rolls to her Instagram story and getting lost in Reddit threads.

Sandi Griffith, Social Media Manager

Sandi takes the guesswork out of leveraging technology to increase visibility for businesses looking to grow online.  Her carefully crafted plans keep her clients visible and relevant, helping them achieve their dreams through real, authentic connections on social media platforms across the board.

Tania Gerard, Program Facilitator

Tania helps facilitate the Leader Up! program, supporting its members through various mindset hurdles and confidence conundrums. As a Congruency Coach, Tania Gerard helps her clients create sustainable well-being by helping them connect with themselves and make confident decisions that fit their individual, unique needs and life. For more information about Tania, please visit her website.


When you solidify the most foundational piece of your business, you’ll also help us #changethestars. Our give-back campaign includes donating to nonprofits, offering scholarships, and volunteering in our communities. We’re proud to make giving a part of our business model, and we’re committed to inspiring other businesses to do the same.


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