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Meet your content strategy support team


Engagement, analytics, ROI—oh my! You’ve got a lot to think about when it comes to content marketing, and it’s difficult not to feel lost. 

It’s hard enough to consistently create high-quality content that accurately reflects your brand, let alone understand if your content is actually helping you achieve your business goals. 

You want to eliminate content burnout and finally implement an effective content and messaging strategy solution that increases ROI for your brand—all while saving you time and effort.

You need a North Star.

That’s where we come in.


Gone are the days of churning out endless content for the hell of it, hoping it gets results.

When it comes to content marketing, North Star Messaging + Strategy believes in two fundamental truths:

Your brand’s unique voice deserves to be heard.


Your content needs to get results.

Since 2010, we’ve offered business owners like you targeted, custom copywriting and content creation from scratch—all designed to fill strategic gaps and aligned with each client’s unique voice and business goals.


North Star Messaging + Strategy is  a women-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned company. Our talented team of writers, editors, content strategists, and operational geniuses is ready to help you optimize your brand’s content.

Marie Parks (she/her)
Co-Founder & Content Strategist

Marie got her professional start in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, where she learned to merge heart and logic in her writing. She’s carried those skills to North Star, along with the values of respect, transparency, and communication.  

Call her a romantic (or a nerd!), but Marie believes that when we showcase our expertise, innovation, and influence, we inspire growth in others and ourselves. This is the crux of what she teaches through speaking engagements, courses, and workshops.

Natasha Singh (she/her)
Operations Manager

Natasha’s love for organization started the first day of preschool, where she brought out her color-coded, tabbed binder, and there was no going back. She has 15+ years of experience managing projects and streamlining processes in multiple industries. When not organizing her world, Natasha enjoys traveling with her husband and  kids {and their 2 dogs}.

 Megan DeCleene (she/her)
Content Strategist & Writer

Megan’s love for language has always been a driving force in both her personal and professional life. After studying Hispanic linguistics in college and graduate school, she worked as an ESL teacher and translator before beginning a career in editing and writing. She speaks both Spanish and Portuguese and currently resides in Brazil with her husband, where every day offers new and exciting linguistic challenges. In her free time, Megan enjoys dancing (mostly Latin varieties), cooking, reading, playing music, and sipping on a cup of tea or coffee.


Stephanie Stillings (she/her)
Content Writer & Editorial Support

A SoCal native, Stephanie has over a decade of marketing, writing, and project management experience. She’s managed digital + print marketing projects, branding initiatives, and new program launches. She also enjoys marketing writing + editing.

Stephanie attended Occidental College and holds non-profit + business certificates from UCLA Extension. On weekends she’s at the dog park with her furry friend or watching clean beauty reviews on YouTube.

Haley Stump (she/her)
Project Coordinator

Haley’s attention to detail and knack for organization has been a theme throughout her life. From family vacations to school and work outings, she has a plan for every occasion. She has years of experience with change implementation and project planning. Coming from a background in healthcare, she loves to make the lives of those around her a little easier. If that can be done with a checklist, even better! She spends her free time playing video games or hanging out with her cat, Linus.

Erin McIntosh (she/her)
Project Coordinator

With a background in production and project management, Erin thrives while planning, building, and implementing systems, projects, and creative endeavors. Outside of work, you’ll find Erin immersed in writing and creating worlds and visions of her own, adventuring with her wife, or curling up with her tabby cat and a Russian novel.


 Leave your strategic content needs in the hands of North Star Messaging + Strategy’s content experts.

We’ve supported hundreds of business owners, organizations, and nonprofits in developing strategic messaging, honing in on their brand voice, and creating compelling, results-driven content.

We guide our clients through…


Content Strategy

Identify your content bottlenecks, shore up and optimize your funnels, and leverage your content to increase your ROI.

Brand Voice

Document your brand’s unique personality so you can outsource content  without worrying about losing authenticity.


Hand off content creation to the pros, with custom copywriting projects attuned to your specific goals and written with your voice in mind.

Our skilled team of writers, editors, and content strategists understand what content cuts through the noise online, builds relationships with a target audience, and successfully converts.

We treasure our clients and can’t wait to work with you, too.

Check out our portfolio to learn more about our clients’ real results.


No business is apolitical. If you have a platform, you have a voice, and your message and words (or your silence) have an impact. At North Star, we use our voice to actively celebrate diversity and prioritize inclusivity and equity.

We actively seek to ensure every employee, contractor, and client—regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ability, education level, or any other factor—feels valued, respected, and heard.  

Anti-Racism Statement: 

North Star is an anti-racism company. We acknowledge that systemic disenfranchisement, oppression, and discrimination of the Black community occur, and that we must always be vigilant to not perpetuate any of these. And further, it is our responsibility to contribute to actively dismantling them. We are unafraid to be held accountable and promise to correct any missteps with tangible action.

Further, we commit to expending North Star resources to continue our journey towards DEI prioritization and anti-racism by supporting businesses owned by marginalized communities, and contributing to organizations that strive to create equality.


When you solidify the most foundational piece of your business (your message, that is!), you’ll also help us #ChangeTheStars.

Our give-back campaigns focus on three key areas, which often intersect:

  • Promoting diversity + inclusion in business and our communities.
  • Championing the world we live in and taking action to save and protect the environment.
  • Writing scholarships for those who want to pursue a career in writing.

We’re proud to make giving back a part of our business model, and we’re committed to inspiring others to do the same.


Get started by filling out a quick questionnaire. We’ll be in touch with next steps.