Copywriting + Messaging Strategy

Helping entrepreneurs stand out as leaders in their field.

Copywriting + Messaging Strategy

Helping entrepreneurs stand out as leaders in their field.


You want to use your business to make more than money (though that’s important, too). You want to step into your role as a leader and make a difference — for yourself, your clients, and your community.

And as you scale and grow, you know you don’t have time for copy that leaves your audience snoring, doesn’t support your vision, or falls flat.

You’re here to stand out and inspire. All while being your actual, human self.

It’s time to dig deep and focus on what’ll actually grow your business in a sustainable way: Your messaging.


It’s the north star that guides your content, target audience, and offerings. Running a business without a clear message is like taking a hike without a compass. Eventually, you’re going to get lost.

And possibly eaten by a bear.

But when you center your business around your core message, it doesn’t matter how rocky the trail gets. Everything — from your website copy to the services you offer — will keep you on track to achieve your vision.

You’ll be in the no-bear zone. You’ll have…. 


Feel confident sharing your content because it reflects everything you stand for as a person and a business


Build legit relationships with your target audience through consistent, personality-driven copy


Increase your revenue by offering what your audience needs most and what’s most aligned with your own strengths and passions

Combine a confident voice with targeted offerings and an engaged audience, and you get business growth that feels good.



Everyone has a true north. It’s the why deep inside you, inspiring your vision and anchoring your business.

When you need help getting oriented, that’s where we come in.

We’re Jessi and Marie, founders of North Star Messaging + Strategy. Our team is here to help you create a strong, strategic message that communicates your purpose, strikes up conversations, and achieves your goals.

We love knowing our work is serving a greater cause, and that’s why we exclusively serve thought leaders and purpose-driven businesses. Our clients want to blaze new trails in their industries, making money and using it to create positive change in the world. 

Jessi Honard

A self-professed word nerd whose strategy brain packs a powerful, persuasive punch. She puts her years in marketing + education to work, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve big results.

Marie Parks

A compulsive writer with an eye for detail (thanks to years of nonprofit grant writing) and the coveted ability to combine heart + logic. Her copy makes readers stop, drop, and read.

We work with a team of copywriters and messaging strategists who are as obsessed with compelling content and powerful impact as we are.

As seen in


When you solidify the most foundational piece of your business, you’ll also help bring children around the world out of poverty through literacy. A portion of all our revenue goes to LitWorld, a global nonprofit using literacy and storytelling to provide joy, economic independence, gender equity in areas where it’s needed most.

We’re proud to make giving a part of our business model, and we’re committed to inspiring other entrepreneurs to do the same.


You’re so over feeling lost in your own business, and you’re more than ready to let your core message shine bright. You know it’s time to step up and own your position as a leader. We’re here to help.