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Do you suffer from website shame?

You and your business are in it for the long haul, but let’s face it: your website isn’t a true reflection of where you are now. Instead of sharing your story and closing sales, it’s sending mixed messages. Your website should be a reflection of your vision, but instead you find yourself cringing before you pass along your link — if you share it at all. You know it's time for an overhaul, but you’d rather spend time doing what you love, not describing it.

Imagine web copy perfectly aligned with your mission.

How much simpler would it be if your website did the selling for you? If you had a digital presence you were proud to share and a story that represented your core mission loud and clear? Imagine that, with every word, visitors realize you’re a perfect fit for them. Thanks to your personality-driven language, they instantly connect with you. Your offers are in total alignment with their needs, and they jump on them (keeping your bank account happy and helping you fulfill your purpose). It doesn’t have to be a dream. Don’t worry, friend. We’ve got you covered.

"Where do I even start? Jessi and Marie understood my voice and message on such a deep level that the first draft brought me to tears. They were able to capture my story and essence in every word. I couldn't be prouder with the end result." — Lisa Carpenter, Life Coach

Time to stop staring at the screen, wishing words into existence.

Your copy should share your vision, reflect your voice, and increase your bottom line – all while feeling totally natural. That’s a lot to think about, so let us take the pressure off. We’ll refine your message and bring your business to life through persuasive, personality-driven copy so you can get back to doing what you love. With us, you’ll receive the sort of personality-driven copy that works, designed to:

• Reflect your signature story and create a solid online presence for your business. • Speak directly to your target audience, so they can’t help but love you and engage with you. • Leverage your message and passion effortlessly through your unique voice. • Indicate how you stand out through the value-packed benefits you provide. • Clarify your offerings so readers are left saying, “Yes, I want that!” • Make more money in ways that feel good, allowing you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

“Every sentence I read is such a hell yes, I basically want to hire myself right now. Thank you for such a doing an amazing job at incorporating my new branding and being so clever about it. Blown away.” — Julia Wells, Conscious Compass

In just a few weeks, your website will shine.

Our signature website copy package is designed for passionate, purpose-driven business owners who are ready to have their story told.



We’ll begin by learning more about your story, your message, and your needs. From this questionnaire we'll develop an initial outline and voice guide.

Onboarding Session:

During our 30-minute onboarding call, we’ll learn more about your goals, focus on your mission, and listen to your unique voice. This will help us flesh out your voice guide, so your web copy will sound just like you.

Web Copy:

We'll provide up to 4 pages of copy, ready to plug into your existing website or send to your designer. With your message firmly in place, your target audience will instantly connect with you.

Two Copywriters:

Our team is composed of two professional copywriters who work so well together, we might as well share a brain. You'll be assigned a lead for your project, who will work closely with you to ensure everything is going according to plan. When writing, we’ll put our double brainpower to work and weave your core message into all of your copy.

Voice Branding Guide:

Our Copywriting Character Quiz has been praised by our clients because it cuts to the heart of your voice. Through a combination of the quiz, your intake questionnaire, and our conversations with you, we’ll develop your own Voice Guide that speaks to who you are deep down — the real you your clients know and love.

Unlimited Email Access:

If you have any questions or additional thoughts, send them our way. You’ll have unlimited email access to us over the course of your project, and your lead writer will be back in touch within a business day.

Strategy Session:

Need to clarify your product further or talk about the best ways to communicate your content? We’ll hop on a second 30-minute strategy call, as needed.

Shared Google Document:

Ready for true collaboration? We’ll provide your copy over shared Google documents so you can communicate your edits and questions in real-time.

Revision Period:

We’re confident you'll love your new message, and we give you two weeks to digest and suggest revisions. During this time, you’re able to request up to two revisions.

Professional Referrals:

Looking for a graphic designer to spruce up your branding or a web developer to make your website look pro? Let us know, and we’ll tap into our exclusive network of professionals for you.

“I was absolutely shocked when I read my new copy. It literally sounded more like me than ME. I couldn’t believe how much it nailed my voice and message in a really clean, concise way. Having website copy that sounds exactly like something I would say was so important to me, and Jessi and Marie hit that nail on the head. Thank you so much for making me see how beneficial copywriting support is to my business and how beautifully my message can be shared!” — Lacey Sites, A Lit Up Life

Your message, in your unique voice.

We firmly believe in the power of your core message to drive relationships (which, in turn, drive sales). We’ll bring our years of experience to your project, making sure your copy reflects your vision and your voice. We firmly believe in the power of your core message to drive relationships (which, in turn, drive sales). We’ll bring our years of experience to your project, making sure your copy reflects your vision and your voice.

“I’m sitting here reading and re-reading the final copy of my services page, and it captures me perfectly. There is no doubt in my mind that this copy will do 10 times more for my business than the version I could have cobbled together, myself!” — Jaime Slutzky, Simply Jaime

You’re passionate, driven, + ready to take your business to the next level.


*A signed contract and $50% deposit is required to begin any project. The remaining 50% is due upon project completion.

Book your 20-minute exploration call today to get started on your journey towards web copy that truly serves your business. Do you have more (or fewer) than four pages? Are you into single-page websites? No problem. Connect with us for a custom quote based on your specific needs.