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You want a sales page that works as hard as you do.

You've created an offer that will light your audience up (and encourage them to pull out their wallets). The value is there and you can't wait to share it with your people.

But you want to do it right.

You want a show-stopping sales page that captures the imagination and wins the hearts of your future clients. One that converts.

Friend, you're speaking our language.

Imagine successful sales without the sleaze.

No hard-pushing sales tactics. No false promises. Your sales page isn't a desperate cry for income. It's a genuine conversation between you and your audience, and it shows them exactly how your offer will change the game. Does it sell? Oh yeah, it sells. Every word is carefully crafted to show your audience how you will help them, and why you're the expert for the job. Personality-driven language helps them connect with you instantly, and feel-good persuasion guides them to the 'buy' button... and never experience buyer's remorse. If you're looking for that super-compelling sales page that makes your offer shine, you're in the right place.

“Jessi and Marie's copy enables me to convert more readers into customers, and by having North Star Messaging + Strategy as copy partners, I’ve been able to focus on my business strategy. I will never write my own copy again!” — Polly Rossi, Meeting Achievements

Your sales page is about more than selling.

Shocker, right? But it's true. Compelling sales page copy doesn't just sell. It furthers your mission, reflects your voice, and embodies what you stand for as an entrepreneur. Our sales pages go deep. They're designed to:

• Speak directly to your people, so they know you're on their side. • Establish you as an expert, so your audience is ready to hear more. • Present your offer irresistibly, making them genuinely excited to buy. • Showcase the benefits of your offer, so your audience knows exactly how it will solve their most pressing problems. • Embrace your unique voice and personality, making you stand out in your field. • Dive deep into the details of your offer, so there's no question in your audience's mind that it's for them.

“Every sentence I read is such a hell yes, I basically want to hire myself right now. Thank you for such a doing an amazing job. Blown away.” — Julia Wells, Conscious Compass

Are you ready for connection-driven sales?

Our sales page copy package is designed for passionate, purpose-driven business owners who have an offer they can't wait to release into the world.


Onboarding Session and Questionnaire:

We’ll begin by learning more about your offer, your audience, and your voice through an onboarding questionnaire. We'll follow that up with a 30-minute call, where we'll discover your goals, focus on your mission, and set project benchmarks.

Sales Page Copy:

We'll provide a full sales page of copy, including all the ins and outs of your offer, ready to plug into your landing page software or send to your designer. Short- and long-form sales pages are available.

Two Copywriters:

Our team includes two professional copywriters who work so well together, we might as well share a brain. We’ll put that double brainpower to work for you and weave your core message into all of your copy.

Copywriting Character Quiz:

Are you a Rebel or a Nurturer? A Scholar or an Artist? Our Copywriting Character Quiz has been praised by our clients because it cuts to the heart of your voice... and sales style. When you take the quiz, we’ll craft copy that speaks to who you are deep down — the real you your clients know and love.

Unlimited Email Access:

If you have any questions or additional thoughts, send them our way. You’ll have unlimited email access to us over the course of your project, and your lead writer will be back in touch within a business day.

Strategy Session:

Want to clarify your offer further or talk about the best ways to communicate your content? We’ll hop on a second 30-minute strategy call, as needed.

Shared Document:

Ready for true collaboration? We’ll provide your copy over shared Google documents so you can communicate your edits and questions in real-time. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like throughout the project.

Revision Period:

We’re confident you'll love your sales page, and we give you a week to digest and suggest revisions. During this time, you’re able to request up to two revisions.

Professional Referrals:

Looking for a graphic designer to make your sales page look pro? Let us know, and we’ll tap into our exclusive network of professionals for you.

Your unique offer, spotlight ready.

At North Star Messaging + Strategy, we believe relationships are the key driver in sales. We’ll bring years of experience to your sales page project, and make sure your copy reflects you and your offer in a genuine, authentic manner... so your audience can't wait to buy.

YOUR INVESTMENT: Starts at $1,597*

Book a free 20-minute call to tell us about your sales page project.

*Cost may vary depending on project size. Projects start at $1,597 for sales pages up to 2,000 words. Long-form sales pages are available.