Pillar Posts

Reach more, teach more, and earn more through value-packed pillar posts.

All the benefits of blogging...with less stress and more strategy.

Content that works for your business.

You have tons of useful information to share, and an audience to hear it. 

You've already embraced content delivery through video, podcast, or livestream, but you know written content has its place too...but you don't want to commit to putting out a constant stream of blog posts. 

Spending hours writing just doesn't excite you.  

But you do want evergreen content that delivers tons of value. You do want to drive organic and paid traffic into your funnels. You do want targeted pixel data to make ad delivery a cinch. And you do want to deliver an opt-in people WANT to download.

Ditch the blog and embrace the pillar post.

When you don't have the time to manage a full-on blog, look to pillar posts. These in-depth articles go deep into one topic, giving your audience everything they need to take action and see results. They have all the advantages of a blog post, providing a solid platform for both paid and organic growth, with none of the downsides {especially since we do all the writing}

The best part? You only need to publish a handful each year, rather than stick to a monthly, weekly, or daily posting plan.

Your Pillar Posts Includes:

  • 2,000 - 5,000 WORDS OF SOLID CONTENT 

These posts are called "pillars" for a reason. They delve deep one specific topic, sharing your expertise and experience. There's no fluff here; it's all value.


A solid pillar post does more than excite your existing audience. It allows you to put your content in front of new faces. This means writing with audience building in mind, be it through an opt-in, search engine optimization (SEO) or paid ads.


Once your post is written, you'll need to enter it into your content plan. We'll jump start your promotion by providing you with 3 Facebook posts and 10 Tweets.

One post. Endless possibilities.

Your pillar post can be repurposed again and again, on social media, in paid ads, within sales pages and courses, in ebooks and more. 

It's an ongoing source of steady traffic for the entrepreneur who doesn't want to reguarly blog, but does want to keep their sales funnel filled.

"Jessi + Marie sounded more like me than ME. I couldn’t believe how much they nailed my voice and message and translated that for me in a really clean, concise way." 

- Lacey Craig, A Lit Up Life 

We know the power of content.

We're Jessi + Marie of North Star Messaging + Strategy, and we're here to make sure your message reaches as many people as possible {without sacrificing your unique voice + personality}.

We don't believe in creating content for its own sake. Content needs to serve a purpose; which is why we love pillar posts.

Not only do pillar posts gain organic traffic and provide an ongoing source of marketing material, but they fit solidly into your existing audience building strategy, putting new, qualified leads into your funnels. 

As messaging strategists + copywriters, we take your know-how and put it into action in a meaningful way. 

Our work has been featured in The Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, The School of Self-Mastery, RV Entrepreneur, and more.

Your Investment: $1,297 per post

Or grab a bundle of four for $4,670. 

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