Master Your Messaging Course : North Star Messaging + Strategy

Your message is the guiding star for your business.

Find your voice, streamline your content, + take your business to new heights with the Master Your Messaging Course.

It can be hard to navigate the crowd.

When you started your business it was to start a revolution. Maybe you wanted to provide a different kind of coaching business or alter how people create web-based courses. Whatever your idea, you had plans to shake up your industry, achieve financial freedom, and create positive change in the world. You were always told that if you followed your passion and did the work, results would follow. So you seized your big idea and shouted your mission from the rooftop. And then? Crickets. What gives? These days, it’s not so simple. Inboxes are cluttered and newsfeeds are overcrowded. Even if you do get your big idea out there, there’s no guarantee you target audience will get on board. You might even look successful on paper, but if you’re not actually doing what you set out to do – if you’re not helping the people you want to help – your growth isn’t only unsustainable – it’s unfulfilling. So how the heck do you blaze a trail that the right people will follow? You focus on your message.

Without a compass, you’ll get lost.

You can obsess over all the bells and whistles. A fancy website. A shiny logo. You can piece together what feels like a successful business with services that respond to a dizzying kaleidoscope of needs. But if you don’t know your message, you’re spinning your wheels. After all, a fancy website isn’t worth a dime if no one visits it. And if your offers are too fluid for anyone to understand them, you won’t make money, and you’ll burn out fast. Your message is the most important investment you can make in your business, because it informs every decision you make – including that beautiful branding you crave or that program your target audience has been begging for. When you have a clear, concise message, your audience will be all over your “Buy Now” button as you stand up for what you stand for. Your hard work will pay off in dividends, saving time and money in the long run. When you focus on your message first, you give your business the solid foundation it needs. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to fulfillment. Bottom Line: You cannot afford to ignore your message.

Your message is the guiding force behind your business.

When your messaging is spot on, everything falls into place. You’re able to stand up and shake things up, no matter how crowded your market, BECAUSE EVERY DAY YOU:

Make new content with ease because you know your voice and your purpose. It’s consistent, fresh, and full of personality – your personality.

Bring in consistent sales because you’ve unlocked the key to communicating clearly with your target audience, and you understand exactly what they need.

Connect with your audience naturally, since you know how to share your story and provide them with real value.

Make smart business decisions based on your internal compass so you’re not wasting time and money.

But how? How do you take all of those amazing ideas spinning through your head and ground them with one consistent message?

Master Your Messaging will help you find your true north.

Master Your Messaging is a self-guided course designed to give you the exact guidance you need to get to the heart of your story. By the end, you’ll have developed all of the core messaging you need to support a successful business. You’ll be able to:

• Create content tailored to your business and voice through a personalized word bank and content strategy so that you’re never at a loss for what to say. • Develop a targeted mission statement, vision statement, and unique selling proposition to keep all your content on-message. • Forge meaningful relationships with your target audience so you can address their actual needs. • Greet your audience with a compelling about and home page that make them jump at the chance to hire you. • Write an irresistible, value-packed opt-in so you can spend less time searching for your target audience and grow your e-mail list with the right people. • Expand your impact and grow your reach through memorable content designed to add value, show your personality, and promote your offers. • Grow your business consistently without suffering from burnout or shiny object syndrome.


“Right now I'm immensely thankful for Marie and Jessi. I just finished Master Your Messaging and this is by far the best thing I have done for my business.” - Anita Sigurbergsdottir

Five modules of messaging goodness to help you plot your course.

When you invest in Master Your Messaging, you’ll get:

• Instant access to all five modules, so you can get started immediately • Weekly email check-ins to keep you on track and help you pace yourself • Video tutorials to guide you through each and every step of the process • Streamlined worksheets, templates and resources to help you complete each task • Discounted rate for 1:1 strategy calls to help you work through your biggest messaging questions

Module 1: Pre-Flight Prep

Identify your voice and hone in on your mission while taking stock of your existing materials to see what you can repurpose. You’ll develop a personalized content inventory, word bank and purposeful theme for your business.

Module 2: Fire up the Flame

Discover what makes your business stand out, and how those unique qualities will resonate with your ideal audience. In this module, you’ll develop your own positioning statement and pinpoint your target client characteristics.

Module 3: Chart Your Path

Chart your path, highlighting key milestones along the way. All the while, your story will lead your audience to their own epiphany: that they need to work with you. In this module, you’ll develop (or revise) your about page and home page.

Module 4: Attract a Crowd

Create a powerful opt-in built to showcase your skills and provide value to your audience. You’ll focus on developing a lead magnet that will grow your audience with the right kind of contacts.

Module 5: Up, Up, and Away

Develop consistent content (within social media and across the board) that brings value and exudes personality, while also promoting your offers. Your audience will instantly recognize your content and clamor to get on board.

Isn’t it time to elevate your business?

“I can’t speak highly enough about this course. I think it is absolutely essential for any new business owner.” - Amanda Heal


Here’s the reality: Everyone has a true north. It's the why deep inside you, inspiring your vision and anchoring your business.

“Jessi and Marie are wonderful! They've really helped me with my messaging, so much so that within a few days of taking their course I'm super clear on who I'm serving in my business and why. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about building a sustainable business.” - Fiona Mackenzie

Master Your Messaging is so much more than a copywriting course.

How is Master Your Messaging different? Successful messaging is personality-infused, highly focused, and mission-driven. We’ll guide you through why you’re doing what you’re doing, and then you’ll craft fresh messaging around your goals, so you attract the right kind of people. How do you know if Master Your Messaging is right for you? Are you a passionate entrepreneur? Do you want to get clear on your deepest purpose and communicate it to the world? Are you willing to put in the time and energy to reshape your messaging? Then this course is for you. It’s perfect for new and newish business owners, as well as those preparing for a rebrand or a refocus. What will you walk away with at the end of the course? You’ll have a personalized word bank and copywriting style, a strong inner compass guided by mission and vision statements, a concise personal bio, an engaging about page, a home page that gets your readers excited, an irresistible opt-in, and a content writing and posting strategy that helps you meet your goals. You already consider yourself a good writer. How will Master Your Messaging help? The course is designed to meet you where you are, and give you access to the skills and resources you need to elevate your message. Whether you consider your notebook your best friend or the sight of a blank page makes you freeze in terror, all levels of writers will grow through the copywriting and content development strategies offered through this course. Is personalized feedback available? Support can make a huge difference, which is why we make our email addresses available to you throughout the course. When you have questions, let us know! If you want even more guidance, as a Master Your Messaging participant you can book a 1:1 strategy session at a special discounted rate.

“I just want to spread some love and gratitude. Thanks to the work I've done through the Master Your Messaging course I am so much more confident about sharing who I am, what I'm about, and the work I do. So much so that I decided to rip the band aid off yesterday and go live about it on my personal FB page. Major visibility block released!! So thank you!!" - Kim Zielinski

You started your business for a reason. Now it’s time to achieve it.

In order to fulfill your purpose and make a profit, you must know your message. That message is built upon your values, and it sets the tone for every business decision you make. Master Your Messaging is your direct path towards building that foundation, and it’s essential for every motivated business owner.

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